7 nutritious baby food recipe videos for your 6-9 month old

As soon as a baby crosses the six-month-mark, most mums are confounded with the question, “what do I feed him/her?” Weaning can be a taxing time for a mum, and if her little one is a fussy eater, then God bless her. To make the process a tad bit easier, we’ve put together a series of recipe videos for your 6 to 9 month old that are wholesome, nutritious and are sure to cater to even the pickiest of palates. 

1. Potato and Carrot Rice 

This recipe is colourful, creamy and easy to digest. You can add some moong dal and make it a complete meal. The video explains the recipe in a detailed manner.


Source: Savita Benur


2. Vegetable Khichdi

This is a quick and healthy version of a baby food favourite. It calls for adding turmeric, but you can avoid it till your baby is eight to nine months old. 


Source: ShishuWorld

3. Banana porridge

I loved this recipe because it’s super tasty and so healthy. This one was my little one’s favourite breakfast or evening snack. It has rice flakes in it as well so could serve to fill up your baby! The video explains even hygiene and taste aspects here.


Source: Mallika’s Cookery

4. Instant Rice Cereal

A life saver for mums on the go! This recipe for instant cereal will make travelling with your baby much easier and a healthier. This recipe uses brown rice; you could use new, white rice too and store the powder in airtight jars. When ready to use, just add some in a bowl with boiling water, cover and you have a rice porridge ready!  This is also by our popular baby food blogger, Nameeta Sohoni.


Source: FameFood


Wish you very happy mealtimes ahead! For more recipes on weaning foods, click here


5. Apple and Suji Kheer porridge

Suji is nutrient-dense and filling. The apple adds great flavor. Add formula or breast milk instead of cow’s milk if your baby’s doctor does not recommend cow’s milk until age one. 


Source: ShishuWorld

6. Lentil and Vegetable soup

The goodness of proteins and vegetables in the soup will keep your little one’s tummy happy and contended. 


Source: Kids Carnival 

7. Ragi porridge

Ragi or finger millet is loaded with minerals like calcium and iron. Substitute the cow’s milk with formula or breast milk in this recipe.




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Pinkxu Thakur

very helpful

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very useful!! Preeti Athri can Apple suji kheer be given to 6.5 months old baby?

Sangeetha Karuna

Thank you Rakhi Puri for the tag☺️very helpful

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Preeti Athri

radhi anand at 6.5, go slow....try stewed puréed apple first then plain watery cooked Sooji with BM or formula and then try the kheer at 7 months

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really informative article

Khushboo Chag

hi can I use  amul milk in the above recipes.my baby has completed 6 months. pls advise

Preeti Athri

Khushboo Chag please don't give your baby cows milk till s/he's at least a year old. try formula or BM instead. you can introduce paneer or little cheese at 9 months

Khushboo Chag

thankyou Preeti athri

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I have 2 and 5 month old baby girl.wants food recepies for her

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variations for baby food... i think my baby will love it


Mera babby abi 10mnth ki starting main hai ..lekin us ne abi tak ek bi teeth nai kiya..mai Kya kr skti huu..pls any body tel me

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This is just in time

Lubna Tabassum

Can I give gram dal to my eight months old baby
Is it safe

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