Meet this Dad entrepreneur whose business inspiration comes from doing baby chores!

Meet this Dad entrepreneur whose business inspiration comes from doing baby chores!

16 Jun 2016 | 4 min Read

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Much to the surprise of his mother, Mohit learnt to change his baby’s diaper earlier than his wife! A consultant-turned- entrepreneur, Mohit Sadani shares how he split baby chores with his beautiful wife 🙂

How hands-on a Dad are you? How do you ensure you spend quality time with your child? 

My first daughter was born in London where we had little help so Malika (the beautiful wife) and I ended up splitting all the new things we had to do – I actually learnt diapering before she did 🙂

Our 2 daughters are now 5 and 2, and we’ve managed to build a few routines into our lives that give us quality time even when work takes over. I take them both swimming whenever I get the chance. I’m also the reader in the family, and am working hard to build that as a habit for both girls – we have a bedtime story routine where they get to select any books they want me to read, and we do this whenever I’m home. We’ve collected over 200 books already!

Can you describe one special moment of being a dad? (When you felt special/ most loved or something that makes you feel that being a Dad is the best thing that has ever happened to you)

Everyday actually! The loving kids come running to welcome me and tell me about their day for 10 minutes as soon as I get home from work. It’s the best part of the day, and easily makes my day every time they let me know how much they missed having me around.

It’s evident that there’s a paradigm shift in the way Dads parent today vis-a-vis a generation before. How do you perceive this change? 

The first time my mom saw me changing a diaper she was shocked – in her time, it wasn’t expected of the dad at all. Things are different now, and dads are a lot more involved. I think that’s true of moms also though we’re just doing a lot more with our kids these days – with all the classes, schools, birthdays and events, playdates, and more!

If you were to write a message to your son/daughter, which s/he would carry forever, what would it be?

Never let someone else’s opinion determine your self-worth. Only you know all the great stuff you’re made of! 

I love BabyChakra because
it’s my one-stop destination for all the gyaan I need in and around my locality. It’s also a great forum to connect with other like-minded parents and learn from them.

About Mohit Sadani

After completing MBA from IIM-Ahmedabad and working at McKinsey (a management consulting firm) in India and UK for 7 years, Mohit moved on as Head-Growth at Snapdeal. The move out of consulting allowed him to spend a lot more time with his kids, while teaching him a lot about the e-Commerce space. 

Working at Snapdeal and with his personal frustration of having to import high quality kids’ products from outside India, Mohit is now the founder of a startup which is on a mission to manufacture and sell the highest quality kids’ products which will be easily available to all discerning moms across India.

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