"From Changing Diapers to working 18 hours a day", Congress Spokesperson opens up to being a new age dad…!

Being a Dad in today’s times has its own demands, responsibilities and most of all joys. Around International Father’s Day in 2016, we had a candid chat with Jaiveer Shergill, a lawyer and the spokesperson for the Indian National Congress, knowing a bit about that part of him, which enjoys being a ‘new-age-Dad’.

How hands-on a Dad are you? How do you manage your successful career along with being a dad?

From the perspective of a traditional father, whose role was limited to providing financial support, I'm a 'new-age' dad who changes diapers, feeds breakfast/lunch/dinner and is an equal stake holder, support provider to my wife in terms of raising our daughter Rabiya:-)) According to me, being a new age dad is not an achievement but an actual realization of parenthood where you are fully involved apart from being a mere financial supporter. Also being a new age father makes you respect your partner's ambitions and her identity beyond a wife and a mother.

With regard to managing time, I believe Time is the most precious gift you can give to your child. Since her birth, everything else has taken a back seat. Despite being a practising lawyer and National Spokesperson of Indian National Congress with a typical 18-hour day, I have drawn clear red lines where 3 days in a week are fully dedicated to spending time with my family because I believe you can never bring back moments you spend with your child. I ensure that I am always there for her when she wakes up, with her in atleast one meal a day and have sufficient play time with her and attempt to cater to her curiosity :-)

About Jaiveer Shergill:

Born and brought up in Jalandhar, Jaiveer graduated from the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata) in 2006 with a bachelor's degree in law. During his stint at the law school, Jaiveer participated in various extra-curricular activities, and was elected as the President of the Student Union. After practising law for a few years in Delhi, Jaiveer went to the UC Berkeley School of Law, University of California, USA, and took a master's degree in Law. Currently serving as the National Media Panelist for the Indian National Congress Party, Spokesperson of the Punjab Pradesh Congress and Co-Chairman of the Legal Cell, Congress (Punjab). Most of all, he is the father of an adorable little girl, who is a little over a year old. 

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