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  • “From Changing Diapers to working 18 hours a day”, Congress Spokesperson opens up to being a new age dad…!
“From Changing Diapers to working 18 hours a day”, Congress Spokesperson opens up to being a new age dad…!

“From Changing Diapers to working 18 hours a day”, Congress Spokesperson opens up to being a new age dad…!

16 Jun 2016 | 4 min Read

Baby Chakra

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Being a Dad in today’s times has its own demands, responsibilities and most of all joys. Around International Father’s Day in 2016, we had a candid chat with Jaiveer Shergill, a lawyer and the spokesperson for the Indian National Congress, knowing a bit about that part of him, which enjoys being a ‘new-age-Dad’.


How hands-on a Dad are you? How do you manage your successful career along with being a dad?

From the perspective of a traditional father, whose role was limited to providing financial support, I’m a ‘new-age’ dad who changes diapers, feeds breakfast/lunch/dinner and is an equal stake holder, support provider to my wife in terms of raising our daughter Rabiya:-)) According to me, being a new age dad is not an achievement but an actual realization of parenthood where you are fully involved apart from being a mere financial supporter. Also being a new age father makes you respect your partner’s ambitions and her identity beyond a wife and a mother.

With regard to managing time, I believe Time is the most precious gift you can give to your child. Since her birth, everything else has taken a back seat. Despite being a practising lawyer and National Spokesperson of Indian National Congress with a typical 18-hour day, I have drawn clear red lines where 3 days in a week are fully dedicated to spending time with my family because I believe you can never bring back moments you spend with your child. I ensure that I am always there for her when she wakes up, with her in atleast one meal a day and have sufficient play time with her and attempt to cater to her curiosity 🙂



Can you describe a very special moment of being a dad? (When you felt special or, most loved or something that makes you feel that being a Dad is the best thing that has ever happened to you)

Hearing the word ‘papa’ has been the most amazing moments of my life. The fact that her expressions change, even if she senses I am going somewhere, makes me feel the most loved and has been the defining moments of fatherhood.

It’s evident that there’s a paradigm shift in the way Dads parent today vis-a-vis a generation before. How do you perceive this change?   

Fatherhood has undergone a drastic change not because men have had a sudden change of heart but because new age women are ambitious, they have an identity beyond being a mother or, wife. New Age mothers are like “wood peckers” nudging their partners/husband to adapt to the new role of fatherhood i.e., providing logistical and emotional support in raising a child so that they can achieve their dreams. So, for a successful marriage, it is vital that today’s fathers shoulder the child raising responsibilities in every sense including changing diapers:-)



If you were to write a message to your son/daughter, which s/he would carry forever, what would it be?

Don’t judge me for all the times I have imposed parental restrictions on you but remember me for the way I loved you unconditionally 🙂 Always watching over you. Love, Papaaaa! 🙂

I love BabyChakra because…

I love BabyChakra because it works towards enhancing experience of motherhood and smoothens the entry of a new human life into this practical world 🙂 Secondly and most importantly, Baby Chakra is product of a close friend’s dedication and hard work!



About Jaiveer Shergill:

Born and brought up in Jalandhar, Jaiveer graduated from the West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences (Kolkata) in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in law. During his stint at the law school, Jaiveer participated in various extra-curricular activities, and was elected as the President of the Student Union. After practising law for a few years in Delhi, Jaiveer went to the UC Berkeley School of Law, University of California, USA, and took a master’s degree in Law. Currently serving as the National Media Panelist for the Indian National Congress Party, Spokesperson of the Punjab Pradesh Congress and Co-Chairman of the Legal Cell, Congress (Punjab). Most of all, he is the father of an adorable little girl, who is a little over a year old. 

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