How being a dad of twins has changed my life dramatically!

How being a dad of twins has changed my life dramatically!

Late night parties, movies, especially night show, beer party, outdoor trip etc. are things of past as I am now, a father of twin boys!! The responsibilities have increased manifold. What once seemed usual enjoyment now appears to be luxury. The meaning of fun has changed drastically, now I take pleasure in changing diapers, wiping out the mess, arranging things, making kids study and other household chores not to forget cooking food and washing clothes as well. However, the 5S of Kaizen still finds no place in our house.

I was never the same as before. Being a father brings more maturity, sensibility but being a father of twins is a different ball game all together. Being a father of twin boys brings in patience, perseverance and adaptability additionally, at least in my case. 

When my kids were born, I had evolved from simply being a man to being a father and now my kids are training me to evolve and emerge as a super-man, and well, it’s no piece of cake, also because no one sees your cape, unless your babies are dressed in the same clothes!

They offer 24X7 live, on the job training, being equipped with weapons like crying, messing around, vomiting and potty, which are sure-shot tools to scare everything out of you! 

My kids are at a stage where they are learning to differentiate between good and bad -  for example they understand that when they have pooped they should inform parents or the teacher at school, but what they actually do, is entirely something else.

The other Sunday, both of them pooped at the same time and they wanted to poop-paint the walls, fortunately we could catch them before the whole world could be painted yellow. Yet pacifying and cleaning them together is an art that one needs to master, as it takes much more than simply courage.

The kids have helped me learn to manage things not only personally but professionally as well. There are days when you are feeling low, output is bad, things are not taking shape the way you want it, all such days the strength to pass the time has come from the word “papa” cheerfully uttered by the boys waiting at the gate to receive and welcome you when you are back home on a miserable day. The sheer look on the cute faces makes you forego the tensions of life, business or employment. The moment they hug you, it gives relief and you reach the top of the world.

Now, I see a positive change in myself, the way I conduct myself in stressful times, the things I do, the solution that I could think of in any given situation, they have changed a spendthrift man into a cautious person who thinks about the future now and the well being for the times to come and the entire credit for this change goes to the apple of my eyes. I love them and they mean the world to me.

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