The 5 quintessential Yoga techniques (Yogasanas) for every expecting woman!

The 5 quintessential Yoga techniques (Yogasanas) for every expecting woman!

Resting smart and cozy in Shavasana 

Just when you thought you have to give up resting on your back, comes to the rescue the invention of bolsters and Yoga’s most popular asana Shavasana. Ideally, you rest with a purpose of relaxing your entire body. Feet dropped to the sides, legs apart, arms alongside the body and fingers gently curled as your hands face up. You close your eyes, relax your face and bliss out. It is sort of a power nap, if you are pressed for time or a really powerful long nap, if time is not a worry. 



Breath work 

How often have you heard, that it’s all a play of breath during labor! Now what does that mean? 

I believe that memorizing a few breathing techniques a week before labor is limiting, although it is still better than nothing. If you could familiarize yourself with a bunch of breathing techniques, and practice them during your pregnancy, along with the side effect of feeling relaxed and calm, you would have created for yourself a tool box of techniques, that you take with you, in your hospital bag, to the room that your baby will be born in. 



Chatuspadasana/ Four feet pose

As much as one may tell you to be happy, so that your baby is healthy and happy, your hormones may not be willing to cooperate. This pose is known to alleviate depression, create mental and emotional stability, remove fatigue, rejuvenate your nerves and strengthen your back muscles. You can practice it in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Of course, listen to your body and make sure the pose feels comfortable. 



Ardh Chandrasana/ Half-moon pose

This pose resembles the half moon. It can be practised in all trimesters. It is known to strengthen the placenta, reduce nausea, prevent uterine cramps and make you feel light and elated, which I would welcome as quite a blessing, considering the extra weight that is impossible to share.   



Meditation and Chanting

Finally, one need not sell the benefits of meditation. At a time where your body and mind are going through some dramatic changes and emotions, meditating and chanting for a few moments brings you back the peace and confidence, that are extremely valuable on this precious journey you share with your baby. 

Try these out at home in case you are unable to find a good prenatal yoga instructor near you, and feel the bliss! Have a smooth sailing pregnancy ahead!



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