5 Accessories Your Kid Must Have This Monsoon

5 Accessories Your Kid Must Have This Monsoon

Kids love playing out in the open, whatever might be the time of the day or season of the year. Hence, the rains shouldn’t have a dampening effect on their spirits. With these monsoon accessories not only your kid is protected from getting soaked, but looks ultra cool too.


Umbrellas: Long gone are the days of the giant umbrellas which kids couldn’t even hold properly. Thankfully, someone heard the prayers, and came up with umbrellas perfect for those little hands. Today, you will find umbrellas in bright, neon colours, and with or without frills. Or, buy your child an umbrella in animal prints or his favourite cartoon character (complete with ears or horns). 


Source: babyology


Rain jackets: Remember those ugly and boring raincoats in light grey, dark grey, slate grey (Ok, you got the point – basically all the dull shades of grey) that you were required to wear to the school? Thank God, your kid is saved from being a fashion disaster. Today, raincoats are available in eye-popping colours, a perfect way to brighten up the day. Grab a transparent or a neon coloured rain jacket, or even a one that matches with the umbrella for your child, and watch her frolicking in the rains sans souci.




Shoes: Now, you need to be very careful while choosing shoes for your child. Kids love to jump in muddy puddles and splash water around, a perfect opportunity for germs to enter their vulnerable body. Buy waterproof sneakers or gumboots (they come in appealing colours and prints) are ideal for playing in the rain. It’s also important that kids’ toes dry soon, or they might catch a cold. In such a case, clogs, ballerinas or flip flops are ideal. They come in a variety of colours and prints. However, choose rubber slippers over plastic ones, as they offer a better grip. Alternatively, you can buy rain shoe covers to cover party sandals/shoes.


Source: s7d4.scene7


Bags: While you can always line the interior of your child’s school bag with a plastic bag to protect books from getting soaked and spoiled, isn’t buying a waterproof bag in the first place a smarter choice? There are a lot of waterproof bags available in the market – for school, swimming and other extra-curricular activities. There are transparent ones too, which look super cool, and cute too!


Source: johnlewis.scene7


Watches: While your tiny tot might not care for a watch, your older one would. After all, she has to go for his tuition classes, chess or piano classes, and he doesn’t want to be late. It’s really frustrating to look for time, only to find the watch has stopped ticking. Hence, buy a waterproof watch; nowadays there are many cheaper options available ideal for young kids who are forever on the go. For your toddler or kindergartener, buy those pretty but cheap plastic watches...they do not show the time anyway. Makes them happy though!




You can buy these monsoon accessories for kids from popular online portals which have a pretty decent collection. However, if you love shopping in markets and do not mind haggling, take your child to a market where you can shop for wholesale prices. There are other swanky stores  which offered pricey and fancy goods, but you can be assured of the quality and genuineness.

This monsoon, let your kids have a wonderful time playing and soaking in the rains, all in their new monsoon accessories!

Source for banner image: images.skymetweather

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