Shweta enjoys her baby bump with Aplomb

Shweta enjoys her baby bump with Aplomb

24 Jun 2016 | 3 min Read

Baby Chakra

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Being a woman is surely the best thing to be on this earth, for she is endowed with the life force, required to make new life possible. That’s why she is often revered as the ultimate goddess, the energy behind everything.  Yet many women get easily stressed out and embarrassed about their bumps. Please don’t be, for they are the most beautiful, exquisite & ecstatic piece of creation on earth, the refuge for a whole new bundle of unimaginable dreams and the best part about it: They are all yours, you have made it, and you are the one who shall bring it into reality. And if you want inspiration, look no further than Shweta Salve. The supermodel and actress of such acclaimed TV shows like Left Right Left & Lipstick is expecting her first child and she is celebrating it queen style, without any inhibitions and in the process redefining our perceptions on motherhood & pregnancy, one click at a time. She stormed the internet , flaunting her beautiful bump in a gorgeous bikini , catching loads of love and some rather unwarranted drivel. But she hasn’t stopped and she is back now, in a really stunning photo-shoot shot by celebrated photographer Monisha Ajgaonkar in which she is looking divine, almost like an immortal enabler of new universes. 



She looks like the tempestuous warrior of peace, the empress of the light, serene, calm, like the mother goddess Gaia as she nurtures a new reality within herself, a new reality that will surely transform the world.


And she feels happy, happy to the point of magical infinity, as new colours of love stream into her consciousness.



 And as she contemplates, like all expecting moms to do, about her universe will soon change quite irrevocably. She feels quite curious, anticipating the 1000 new moments of love that she would soon feel.


So there is nothing to fell negative or shy about your bump. It is not a crime that you are indulging; rather it’s the most pure, selfless act of  nurturing a new flower of miracles into this universe. So go out and flaunt away all those bumps. And Guess what! They are gorgeous & sexy indeed. And yes ignore all the haters, for good things; beautiful things always attract floods of envy from people who have nothing else to do in life. Feel proud, feel arrogant, feel ever joyous as a mom to be. 


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 Photographs by: Monisha Ajgaonkar, The Photo Dairy / Rediff











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