Book Review: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy by Gila Leiter

Book Review: Everything You Need to Know to Have a Healthy Twin Pregnancy by Gila Leiter

25 Jun 2016 | 3 min Read

Charu Gujjal

Author | 10 Articles

‘Yours is going to be a very different pregnancy. Yes, you are expecting twins. Now go back and buy some books. You will have ample of bed rest coming your way.’ As soon as my husband heard these words by the doctor, he bought me different books on pregnancy. One of them was this wonderful piece by Gila Leiter.


As the name suggests, this books aims to answer all the questions and doubts an expecting mother of twins could have. Gila Leiter is an Obstetrics/Gynaecologist by profession and a mother of twins. So her insights are based on her professional expertise and personal experiences.
This 330-page-book is divided into nineteen chapters and deals with all the aspects of multiple pregnancy. Starting from the entire science behind Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to biology of multiple pregnancies to nutrition, medicines and exercises required in each trimester. From prenatal planning to post natal preparations, this book is a step-by-step guide for the parents-to-be. Leiter also addresses a few psychological issues an expecting mother of twins could have and tries to equip them with a sense of confidence in the face of adversity like preterm labour.

The book showcases examples of various other mums of twins. She includes different case studies to incorporate a broad perspective on various issues. The book is well marked with illustrations and graphics for better understanding. 

‘A multiple pregnancy poses higher risks and more demands than a single pregnancy and women who are pregnant with twins, triplets and quads should be prepared to make more changes in their lives than women who are pregnant with singleton’ – is a message which is reinstated in the book amply, is possibly a verse from the Bible for the expecting mothers of twins. So, whenever they would feel low due to the high risk involved in their pregnancy, this book will guide them in their times of blue. 

One may find it a little expensive though. Also, Gila doesn’t give week by week information on changes that a woman would face in the course of her pregnancy. Few portions of this book are totally based on science and medicine. So much so, that it may become dull, boring and even difficult for a non-­science background reader to comprehend.

Personally speaking, I found this book to be very helpful. It mentally prepared me for what was coming my way. Reading this book gave me reassurance that I’m not alone in this journey. There are other mums who have seen light at the end of the tunnel, after this rollercoaster ride.
The overall language used in this book is simple and the font is legible. I will definitely recommend every mom-to-be to read it as soon as you discover more than one heart beating in your womb! 


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