Why I Went Organic: Shabia Walia

Why I Went Organic: Shabia Walia

9 Jun 2014 | 4 min Read

Shabia Walia

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New Beginnings: A Passion for Organic


Its my first blog for BabyChakra. It’s only fair to put down why I was driven to go all natural and organic in the first place. I know it all started when I heard close ones of 3 friends were suffering from cancer. In my growing up years or maybe till about 10 years ago, cancer was something which happened to people in movies or people far away, the ones you didn’t know.

I often thought what is it that has changed. How is it that this disease is now literally next door, lurking to enter our homes, threatening to uproot our lives and has the power to gobble me or my loved ones at a time it chooses to?

A Chemically Infested World


It led to various theories in my  head but the one that made the most sense was the amount of chemicals we have been ingesting in recent times. Now I have been a chemistry student and have an irritating habit of reading labels on various products. Its alarming to me when I cannot understand or know whats written on the bottle.

Since the time we wake up, from our toothpaste to shower gels to shampoos to cereals to ready made breakfasts packed in cardboard boxes to makeup to cold drinks to fruits and vegetables infested with pesticides, our life is packed with chemicals.

In an age fuelled by competition where profits drive companies over ethics, there is a persistent need to have long lasting, better smelling, better looking products all at the risk of our health. There is no batting of an eyelid as and more and more chemicals get added to get you the right amount of bubbles in your bath, attracting you to buy the product with its artificial fragrance or even give you an illusion of luscious hair with added chemicals to give you that bounce.


An awakening


And the biggest grudge is people are least bothered, atleast the majority. As long as the thing looks good and smells good, they aren’t really bothered what goes inside it.

Well I am not one of that majority. I care what I put in and on my body and the same goes for my loved ones. Our skin absorbs 68 percent of what we put in it. Why would I put something on it which is harmful and loaded with chemicals?

A Step to Organic and the Birth of Tattva


The first step I took to change this was to go as natural and organic as possible. My husband has always believed in organic cold pressed oils, organic foods and it was another step in that direction to apply that to our body products as well.

The control freak I am, I even started making natural body products for my entire family which led to the launching of my company ‘Tattva’. And believe me, the greatest satisfaction is to see all the chemically laden products out of our lives for good. Our skin feels better as we use naturally made body lotions, face creams and cold process soaps made with natural ingredients minus the chemicals. The knowledge that I know what I am putting on my 5 year old daughter gives me a lot of solace and comfort.

No wonder that within 4 months of our launch, we have a base of 300 families across India who believe in  ‘Tattva’. They have realised the benefits of being chemical free as far as possible. Its easy, believe me. You just have to make a resolve and an all natural way of life is beckoning you. Just the way our ancestors used to live. Naturally!


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Tattva by Shabia Walia is now renamed as Wild Earth. To explore and buy these products, click here.

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