6 Amazing Facts About Monsoon to Share With Kids

6 Amazing Facts About Monsoon to Share With Kids

All a small child knows about monsoon is that it rains continuously and  that they are supposed to wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella while stepping out. However, there’s more to monsoon than just the rains. It’s time you share some interesting monsoon facts with your kids. It will help them see the rainy season in a  completely different light


Where does the rain come from?

Tell your kids about the water cycle in the simplest manner possible. Heat from the sun makes the water in oceans and lakes to evaporate and turn into gas, and rise into the sky. This vapour collects in the sky in the form of clouds. As the water vapour in the clouds cools down, they become water again and fall from the sky in the form of rain, and gets collected in the lakes, rivers and oceans, for the cycle to repeat again.


Image Source: awesomenaturenotes.blogspot.in


Why does it rain?

Kids might come to resent rains if it interferes with their playtime. However, you can turn around their perception by telling them the importance of rain. Tell them how  rivers and lakes get their  water from the rains for drinking and bathing and how even plants get their water from the rains to grow new leaves, fruits and vegetables. Cows and buffaloes also get lots of green grass to eat and give us  fresh milk.

What does rain contain?

Your kids will be surprised (or even shocked) to learn that the rain contains more than just water. It may contain dirt, dust, insects, grass or chemicals. Thus your child will find rains even more exciting .. 


Image Source: weatherwizkids.com


Where does it rain the most?

Cherrapunji in Meghalaya receives the maximum amount of rain in India. Antarctica is the driest continent of the earth. Sit with a map or globe, and show them the places, your kids will love it .

Why do we see rainbows during the monsoon?

When the sunlight falls on the water particles present in the air, you often see a rainbow. You see rainbows mostly after showers but you can never see rainbows in the night, as there is no sunshine. Sometimes, you can see a complete rainbow from an airplane window. Share these secrets of nature with your kids and enthrall them with the colors of a fresh rainbow, this monsoon. It will be fun, I promise! 


Image Source: upload.wikimedia.org



Why does the rain smell so nice?

That’s a good question, something that many adults think of as well. During dry periods, some plants secrete oils which get released into the air. Then there are bacteria in the soil that produce chemicals and release them in the soil. When the rain hits the ground, it mixes with these aromatic chemicals and releases the nice smell.

These monsoon facts should keep your curious one interested for a while. However, it won’t be very long before he or she comes up with their list of new questions!! ☺


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