Ayurveda has answers to your child’s frequent illness!

Ayurveda has answers to your child’s frequent illness!

10 Jul 2016 | 2 min Read

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There are some common conditions that kids suffer from often, like common cold, inflammations, especially during during monsoons. That’s a part of growing up though! Ayurveda explains such common illnesses can be prevented and cured so that your kids can have unlimited fun in the rains too.


Health and sickness in Ayurveda are described in terms of three dosha (vata, pitta and kapha). In a healthy person, equilibrium of these three dosha is maintained. Disturbance in the equilibrium leads to disease. It can be said in brief here that kapha dosha is associated with anabolic activity predominant in childhood, pitta dosha with bio-transformation as seen in middle age, and vata dosha with catabolic activity as in old age. In other words, childhood is dominated with growth and development,adulthood with maintenance, and old age with degeneration. 


Hence, it is observed that the majority of childhood diseases are related to kapha dosha disturbance. Therefore, children should be kept away from such foods and activities that would aggravate the kapha dosha. Hence children prone to frequent illnesses are advised to avoid too many sweets, ice cold food and drinks, buffalo milk, playing in water and sleeping during the day (applicable to children older than 4 years).

Common cold, respiratory infections, fevers, diarrhoea, dysentery, constipation, recurrent worm infestations etc. are the common childhood illnesses where Ayurveda can be quite effective. Consult an Ayurvedic physician for appropriate medication. 


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Source: Book – Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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