5 easy and effective Skin Care Tips for your Hubby

5 easy and effective Skin Care Tips for your Hubby

The typical tropical summers is what our skin truly hates but women end up doing something about it. The place where the grime and sweat take comfortable refuge on is the Men’s skin. It’s high time as men, we do something about it even as we grapple with it. We can’t let the sun beat us down on our confidence, and boss over us like some arrogant overlord. So here are 5 really cool mantras that you can perhaps follow to make you skin feel, taralalalala! like a jazz saxophone on fire!

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Hydrate your skin always

Skin is the shield that protects us from all the dust and grime, which saps of its natural moisture faster than we think it does. Replenish that lost moisture by taking in lots of fluids and avoiding spicy fatty foods. Also whenever possible, cleanse it thoroughly by using a good face wash (preferably one suited for Men’s skin). While you need to look for one that suits your skin, you may want to try out Milk & Co.’s Face Wash & Scrub, a concoction made of jojoba, walnut and brown algae extracts, which promises to bring out your original glow.


A good Sunscreen is a must

The sun can be quite merciless at time, its rays can burn off skin, like the peel of a rotten apple.  Shielding it through the use of a good sunscreen is a must, as recommended by Dermatologists.  Choosing the right sunscreen for your skin may be a bit tough to begin with, till you settle down with the one that suits you. Milk & Co’s Sports Moisturiser with SPF 30, seems like a good combination of a moisturiser and sunscreen and befitting for everyday use. It claims to be fast absorbent and non-greasy, the must-have characteristics for sunscreen. The label says - it is packed with vitamins and nutrients, along with nourishing friends of skin such as Aloe Vera extracts.  Adopt the one which makes your skin feel clean and soft, and that’s good enough to turn the heads of a few.


Exercise is Non-negotiable

As the old adage goes, a good body always leads to glowing skin and a happy state of mind. The best way to have skin with radiance is exercise. Yoga, Gym, swim or an early morning sprint is for you to choose, but do sweat it out.


Please Don’t Over-shave

Yes, we all know how much that stubble irritates us sometimes. But shave too much, and your skin becomes like brittle limestone, losing its inherent strength. After every shave, skin needs time to heal itself, deny that time and a stress overload ensures, making it vulnerable from attack by the ruthless UV rays of the sun.  So please guys don’t over-shave, a bit of natural hair, is a given that we can’t really do much about. 


Don’t miss out on toning

Good skin is as good as its tone is. Men often underestimate this one! Using a good toner after cleansing your skin helps close open pores, ensuring they don’t get blocked with dirt soon after. The cool feel gives you that freshness kick too!


With this simple skin care regime, you are  sure to have enviable skin fairly soon!


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