The Most horrible Baby myths I have ever come across!

Motherhood is a beautiful journey, made of love, challenges and sacrifice. The struggle begins when you are told to do things that you you know are not right! The key is to strike a balance between the traditional rules, customary beliefs and scientific approach while raising a child. Among the long list of advice and tips the mothers have to go through, some are in the form of customs and tradition which have been passed on from generations without paying much heed to rationality. I pledged to debunk these myths and take forward only what I deem right for my child. Here are a few examples!

1. Don’t feed before husband, you won’t produce milk!

Your husband has no effect on your milk production. The milk is produced in small clusters of cells which travel down to the ducts of the nipples. It is a supply and demand process, the more you nurse your baby, the more it increases. It has nothing to do with who is beside you while nursing.

2. Don’t make babies wear diaper, they will get bowed legs

Bowed-leg is a part of toddler development. It has more to do with the fetal position that the baby had. Diapers can,at most, cause only rashes and nothing more, at least nothing to the bones. If one sees that, it’s best to consult a pediatrician or a developmental pediatrician.

3. Express the witch milk from the chest of girl-babies

Witch’s milk is your leftover hormone on the baby and it should not be expressed. Fiddling with their nipples is a really bad idea that might lead to swelling and infection. Let nature take its course.

4. Plug in cotton in the ears to avoid headache due to air passing

Postpartum headaches are common, but it is due to a lack of sleep and has nothing to do with air passing through your ears. To get rid of it,  just ask someone to take care of the baby while you take a power nap.

5. Keep legs crossed always, air will pass through vagina and make your tummy shapeless

Vaginal air is nothing but gas which happens due to the passing of air into the vagina as the pelvic passage gets loose after childbirth.This air has nothing to do with your tummy becoming shapeless. Eat right, exercise right and get your tummy right.

6. If the child stares at his hand, he will fall sick

By around the second month, babies like to stare at things near them, which is nothing but a sign of their natural growth and development, in the process, the baby starts staring at his own hands. It’s thus a moment to cherish rather than worry about as it is an important milestone in their normal cognitive development.

7. Do not look at child’s face while nursing, the head enlarges

Nursing is not only a source of nutrition but also a way to strengthen the bond between a mother and her child. Infact, you should take that time to move your fingers through his/hair hair and just live the love!

Follow Expert advice for all aspects of child care, read good books, follow your child’s signals intuitive and most of all, your own gut feelings  you will never go wrong! Never take down advice just because it is from a close family member or friend.

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how r u

how r u

and ye babby

omgg this is so epic. I have had to hear quite a lot of these myths and boy it was like world war at home. Especially when you are a new mother it becomes even more important to sift through the huge maze of misinformation and myths. Sheeba Vijesh asha chaudhry Sheeba Rizvi Rosie Emerald Mayo Verma Dr.Shilpitha Shanthappa #tagfwd

haha yes aditi manja.. even i used to listen to these myths but i used to give them reasons for all myths and finally they used to tell- ur baby ur wish 😂😂😂

thanks for the tag aditi manja... thankfully i never came across any of these... else i would have laughed my head off at the person who said this... 😀

holy smokes! thnx for the tag aditi manja ! raina - this is some research! i hadnt heard a single one if these! if i did i m sure i wud make espresso coffee of that person!!! Rakhi Puri Neeta Nihale Dhara Popat sonam patel aisa suna kya kabhi?! facepalm!

thanks for the tag asha chaudhry.. a must read article
specially for few people around me.. who gives me goosebumps by their myths...

So funny! Reading up becomes so important in pregnancy

even i am told not to look at babys head while feeding..

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