Is this what you feel like as a mother to a toddler?

Is this what you feel like as a mother to a toddler?

From poets to philosophers, everyone concurs that motherhood is the purest, omniscient and most beautiful feeling on earth and one of the toughest jobs too! After all, it's not every day that you love and nurture, the future, the immense possibilities, and the untapped potential that will probably change reality itself someday. It's  adorably difficult and sometimes cutely irritating, especially if your mom to toddlers.


But we all love it, don’t we? After all, it's worth all the effort just to bear witness to that angelic twinkle in those eyes, and feel through your heart that sweet and aural smile, which lights up the entire world around you with an intensity stronger than  the force of a thousand suns!  Yes it is a daily struggle and no one Knows it better moms!  Whether it is cleaning the house repeatedly, or organizing it at least ten times a day, or constantly dreaming of that precious Zen moment of silence. 


Every day, you probably begin with an organized To-Do list and go to bed with some of them unchecked. Here is why!  

In this cute video, a poor mom is trying her level best to complete her everyday chores, as her little girl tries to help her, but it seems mom is not really happy with her cute help, so watch it now and turn those dull monsoon afternoons into bright happy sunshine crackling with laughter and smiles. 



‘No mommy, I won’t go’, this video shows an adorable argument between a mom and a little girl. Mum is trying to cook and baby doesn’t want to leave the kitchen, rather this cute little girl wants to stay and help. Don’t miss this one!


The cute little boy in this video  desperately wants to participate in Christmas preparations, but his parents really don’t want him to. Still, on the night of Christmas, this boy somehow manages to have lots of fun, that too alone. Want to see, how?  Just Click on the video and enjoy!



So, mommy when you have a toddler in the house, life becomes a  roller coaster. That’s an open secret but the irony is still everyone wants to get on this ride. Don’t you? As a great Native American chief, Black Elk once said , 




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