Book review: The Best nest: A quest that your kids will fall in love with

Book review: The Best nest: A quest that your kids will fall in love with

Reading is the best skill anyone can have in life. Reading makes you smart, reading opens up a universe of opportunities for your little ones. The best way to get them hooked onto reading <7 popular children classics to spark the love for reading is, perhaps, to give them books like The Best Nest, written by P.D Eastman. It is hardly possible that your child will not like it.

I had actually bought this book when my daughter was 3 years old, and since then I must have read it to her at least 100 times, if not more. She absolutely loves it, and to tell you the truth, I also never get tired of reading it again.

It’s the story of Mr. Bird and Mrs. Bird who live in a lovely nest. Though Mr. Bird loves his nest, Mrs. Bird does not, and wants a new nest. Mr. Bird gives into her wishes, and off they go in search of a better nest. Their search lands them in some weird spots but eventually, they are able to find a nice place to build a nest. They work hard and build a sweet little nest. But, alas! Things go horribly wrong, and Mr. Bird loses Mrs. Bird. He searches for her everywhere, but can’t find her. At the end of the day, an exhausted and sad Mr Bird ends up at their old nest, only to find Mrs Bird already there. She admits that she had been wrong about their nest, and this  indeed is the best nest ever. What’s more, she lays an egg too!

It’s a simple story but narrated beautifully with clever illustrations. The part where the birds collect material from different sources for their nest is hilarious. Children also enjoy the song that Mr. Bird sings as an ode to his beautiful nest. The kids will learn an important lesson here – to learn to appreciate what they have and not crib.

So add this one to your child’s library! I am sure you and your kids will have as much fun reading it as I did with my daughter, and still do. 

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