What Every New Mother Wants to Tell Anyone Who’d Listen Without Judging

What Every New Mother Wants to Tell Anyone Who’d Listen Without Judging

You have been up nursing a cranky baby all night, your bladder is ready to burst, and just when you think it is safe to seek the comfort of the bathroom, (s)he starts hollering AGAIN! “Why me?!!” is what you probably have said to yourself countless times.

You aren’t alone! Read on to see what other  new mothers experience in the roller-coaster journey which is motherhood:    

Why did I have a baby?!

If you are a first-time mom, you may have thought that  having  a baby was all about taking adorable pictures, buying adorable baby clothes, and playing constantly with your bundle of joy, when it is really much more! As you deal with diapers, formula, sterilisation and everything else in between, it is ok to wonder why you signed up for the job in the first place.


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“If you think you know how to handle this, why don’t you take him/her with you!”

When your immaculately manicured neighbour gives you parenting advice while you sit next to a screaming baby, looking frazzled, it is normal to want to give her the baby so that you can catch up on some much-needed sleep.


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I wish I could get my body back

Your body is larger than it was, your stomach feels numb, you don’t remember the last time you did not have a back ache, and you don’t even think your boobs are your own anymore! Don’t feel bad if you miss having control over your body! Before you know it, your baby will be weaned, you will lose all that baby-weight, and you will even miss your baby’s constant demands to be picked up!


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If only the baby would sleep forever

You look down at the angelic expression of your sleeping baby and wonder how nice it would be if he/she would sleep all the time, and then feel a stab of guilt for having such a morbid thought. Wishing that the baby slept more is just your way of seeking time to renew all that energy you use up keeping up with him all the time, so don’t feel guilty! 


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I am a bad mother

So you are not the parenting-guide mom who can be gentle and understanding at all times. You lose your temper, are grumpy sometimes, and can’t see the doodles on your living room wall as art work! That does not make you a bad mother. 


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I just want to be left alone!

Of the top things that new mothers miss about their pre-baby life, is personal space. If only someone would take the baby off your hands so you could spend some time with yourself!


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I want a do-over 

While it is impossible to imagine life without your little peanut, most mothers admit to wishing they could opt for a do-over, and have the baby a little later (or earlier) in their life.


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Who cares what people say if all you want to do lock yourself in a room to sleep for 3 days straight? Or want to walk away today, and never come back! 

Before you know it, the tiny yowling person in your arms (whom you sometimes resent with all your heart) will be off to start college and you will look back on this part of your relationship, and chuckle a little at the thought of all those little things which bothered you so much!    


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