How Your Hospital Makes A Difference To Your Breastfeeding Journey!

How Your Hospital Makes A Difference To Your Breastfeeding Journey!

Breastfeeding your newborn is the best thing that you can, as mothers do for your baby. The key to successfully breastfeeding newborn during the first days, lies in following the correct birthing and post birthing practices. Here is a checklist that you can go to your doctor or healthcare provider with, before you choose your hospital for the most special day of your life!


Baby knows where to go

Breastfeeding a newborn is natural. Babies know what’s good for them, after all they are functional living beings with brains, hardwired for survival. So, moments after birth, when your baby is placed on your chest, she crawls instinctively towards your breasts, can sense the aroma of breastmilk and attempts to find its feed. This is your breastfeeding newborn while lying down position. This is the reason why experts stress so much on immediate skin-to skin contact after birth. So, do check out with your caregiver/ doctor beforehand, whether your hospital can facilitate that for you, especially if you are going for a C-section.


Golden hour is crucial, extremely crucial

There is a best time for everything under the stars, including breastfeeding. Experts say that babies should ideally start feeding within a hour of their birth. So make sure you discuss in advance with your caregiver and healthcare provider, that this is done for you and your baby.  Cloudnine, for example follows, a standard practice of ensuring immediate breastfeed right after the baby’s birth.

Senses do matter

If you are the proud mom to a premature baby, then you would know that they just can’t breastfeed on their own, for their brains aren’t fully ready yet for the grand prix called life. So what is required here is some assistance from your caregiver/ doctor for you to express some milk, which can then be used as a mouth-paint for your baby (can mean more than any medicines or medical support for your baby), to kickstart the primeval urge to feed your baby. Again best to discuss with your doctor and hospital authorities.


Sometimes help goes a long way

While breastfeeding is in most aspects evolutionary, it does require bit of a boost. This is where lactation consultants step in, sharing breastfeeding newborn tips, on breastfeeding newborn positions, and offer valuable advice after birth and even after you are discharged. Look for Lactation related counselling and support at the hospital of your choice. Certain hospitals like Cloudnine do offer such services.


Education is the best way forward

Patience, practice and positive attitude is the key to success. After all mother and baby both have a learning curve. Cloudnine conducts educational session even before delivery to prepare mothers for breastfeeding. Check with your hospital or look for Lactation experts near you on BabyChakra


Records, Ladies, Records

Stats and date shape the way we live, breastfeeding included, so go for hospitals that maintain proper feeding records. These are important especially for your baby, as they help your pediatrician figure out her basic nutritional needs. Cloudnine hospitals, for example, maintain detailed feeding records of every baby for future reference.


Hospitals that follow such guidelines when it comes to childbirth and neonatal care, help in ensuring a smooth and sustainable feeding relationship between you and your baby. So if you are expecting a baby, opt for such a hospital and enjoy the wonders of a beautiful motherhood.


Happy breastfeeding week to all New Mums and Mums-to-be!!!


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