Feel the Indie Blues this Independence Day with these melodious tunes!

Have you started feeling the #freedombliss? After all, India is turning 70 and our kids must be a part of this celebration. So go into the #proudtobeIndian mood with your kids this Independence day with these amazing songs. 


1. Bharat humko jaan se pyara hai - lyric video (hindi + english)

Cherish our amazing diversity with this heart wrenching song, that encourages everyone to feel #Indian and nothing else. Enjoy this amazing song with your kids and move beyond petty identities.





2. A.R. Rahman - Maa Tujhe Salaam

One of the all time favorite patriotic hits, sung and composed by the rhythm wizard A.R Rahman, what makes this song so cool is that it makes you feel the colors, the pathos, the 1 billion + dreams and passions that makes us so unique amongst the diverse nationalities of the world. Feel the power of #Indianness with this song along with your kids.




3. Rang De Basanti - Title Song | Aamir Khan | A.R. Rahman

Another amazing composition by A.R Rahman, get into the #independence groove with your kids and feel the raw yet euphoric ‘mitti ki Khushboo”. Ideal for some good old ‘Rain-style” bhangra.




4. Chak De India - Full Title Song | Shah Rukh Khan

The very mention of King Khan can stir up powerful emotions within us, and this gem of a song sung by the Punjabi Nightingale Sukhwinder Singh could certainly rank amongst some of his strongest performances. This power packed song, invokes us to feel proud as #Indians and achieve our dreams whatever be the obstacle. An ideal motivational song for you and your kids to jive to this Independence day.




5. Ye Jo Des Hai Tera [Full Song] Swades

Another soul stirring song from the movie Swades, this one inspires all of us to be #Indian and feel #Indian every day and not just on 15th of August. One of King Khan’s sterling performances, do listen to this song along with your kids which inspires us t be better citizens.



There are many more songs that you can listen to and feel good this #Independence Day. So be happy and enjoy 15th August to the fullest, for freedom is precious and not meant to be frittered away on unnecessary tears.


Jai Hind to everyone ! 


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