Expert Tips: What to eat for a better body after baby?

Expert Tips: What to eat for a better body after baby?

Some mommies take time to lose weight, give yourself plenty of time to get back in shape. And don't give up: you can do it! Here are some super foods for getting back in shape after baby.

But, hey! Don't lose heart. Yes, it might be a whole new world for the mother where she has very little time for herself. In this little time she has to drop those extra kilos, which she had gained during her pregnancy. Normally, during pregnancy the maximum weight a woman gains is 10-12 kgs and post-pregnancy it becomes extremely important to shed these extra kilos. The perfect time to start is 6-7 weeks after the delivery as your body needs time to recover from labour.

The first and the most important point that all the mommies need to remember is- don't let frustration set in. Some mommies take time to lose weight, give yourself plenty of time to get back in shape. And don't give up: you can do it!


Load up on super food

Breastfeeding is a very unique and special way to bond with your little one. To maintain an adequate milk supply and help your baby grow you should have a variety of nutrient-rich foods to ensure good nutrition. While you are nursing/breastfeeding you need nutrient-packed foods to improve the milk supply. These foods are called 'galactagogues'.


Let's have a look at these 5 super galactagogues-

1. Fenugreek seeds: This is one of the best and strongest galactagogues to increases milk production.


2. Bajra: Bajra increases milk supply and is also packed with a variety of nutrients such as phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.


3. Fennel seeds: Besides being an amazing remedy for gas, indigestion or bloating, fennel is also an excellent galactagogue.


4. Dark green leafy vegetables: Spinach, fenugreek, kale etc. are loaded with iron, calcium and magnesium that encourage milk production and support breastfeeding too.


5. Garden cress seeds: An excellent source of iron and an amazing galactagogue that enhances milk production in nursing mothers.


Mommies should not starve themselves in order to lose weight. All they need to do is have a healthy balanced diet:

1. Don't forget your meals: It is a tough period for the new mother but skipping meals will make the situation tougher.


2. Never skip breakfast: Mornings may be packed or there may be loads of work to do but breakfast should always be on your list.


3. Eat short frequent meals: Mommies may feel hungry again and again but having large rich meals is not the solution. Nutrient dense small meals are the way to go.


4. Hydration: Keep yourself hydrated as much as possible. By 'hydration' I didn't mean colas, sodas or artificially sweetened beverages. Go for healthy options such as water, skim milk or buttermilk.


5. High sugar and high fat foods is not on the list- these foods make you feel sluggish and tired. It makes you less active and obviously adds unwanted, unhealthy and extra calories.


Breastfeeding myths:

Its about time we also busted some breastfeeding myths:

Myth 1- Breastfeeding changes the shape and size of breasts.

Fact- The shape and size does change a little during pregnancy but breastfeeding does not change it. In fact, women who breastfeed have a reduced risk of breast cancer in later life.


Myth 2- Foods you eat may give your baby gas.

Fact- Food is digested by the mother, so any gas forming food will give gas to the mother and not to the baby. Breast milk receives all the nutrients from the bloodstream so there is no way that the breast milk can cause gas.


Myth 3- Mommies should not breastfeed if unwell or sick.

Fact- Extra care about hygiene should be taken and breastfeeding should not be stopped. In fact antibodies produced by the mother are transferred to the baby thus, boosting immunity.


Myth 4- Asleeping baby should not be awakened.

Fact- New born babies sleep most of the time but the mother should make sure that she is breastfeeding the baby every 2-3 hours. Your baby is completely dependent on breast milk for her growth, so long gaps should be avoided.


Myth 5- Breastfeeding should be stopped if the baby has diarrhea or vomiting.

Fact- Breastfeeding should never be stopped. Other foods can be temporarily stopped but not breast milk. It contains all the vital nutrients and antibodies essential to help fight infection.

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