7 Facts About Breastfeeding that Will Blow Your Top Off!

7 Facts About Breastfeeding that Will Blow Your Top Off!

Today’s new mommies need no convincing about the benefits of breastfeeding a newborn and are ready to nurse in style when the baby arrives. Spiffy nursing cover-ups, comfortable nursing bras, and fashionable nursing tops and dresses are becoming an integral part of the wardrobe for next-gen moms. 

Yet, no amount of shopping and reading maternity blogs can prepare you for the OMG moments you are sure to face when your little bundle of joy arrives!

1. It’s swoon-worthy !

Nothing can prepare you for that overwhelming rush of love that you have for your pink, wriggly bundle of cuteness – say hello to Oxytocin, Mums!. This ‘cuddle’ chemical helps in the movement of milk in your breast and is also released when you fall in love. In other words, you are hormonally designed to swoon over your baby.

2. Getting a hold of the ‘Hold’ 

Who knew breastfeeding and martial arts had so much in  common! Your introduction is sure to involve a tutorial on various ‘holds’. Prepare to wrestle your tiny opponent to find which hold is most comfortable to breastfeed your newborn and you.

3. The good ol’ switcheroo

Leaky breasts which can give you an uncomfortably soaked  T-shirt are every mother’s nightmare! But, what’s even more infuriating is a baby who favours one side leaving you feeling and looking lopsided! Switch often even if your sweet pea is reluctant to let go, to make sure you are not uncomfortable at the end of every feeding session. 

4. Service on demand

When you have perfected your ’hold’ and the art of switching sides, and as your infant grows into a toddler, you will find that your increasingly independent munchkin no longer waits to find a quiet spot to nurse in. Your baby is sure to yank your top down to fill up no matter where you are! So stock up on snug tops and tees and stay alert to avoid embarrassment.

5. Peek-a-boob

The pretty nursing cover-up which promises to keep your  baby comfortable with its soft breathable fabric, unfortunately, does not come with something to keep her entertained too! Be prepared to accidentally flash people if your baby decides to look around.

6. On the go go go…

Whether you have mastered the art of nursing discreetly, or become immune to the routine of nursing in the most awkward breastfeeding positions, your baby is sure to find a way to throw you a new challenge. From hollering as you take a weaned (so you think) baby on her first motorcycle ride to targeting your bikini top at the beach, your baby is sure to get hungry in the most unlikely places!

7. Looking in the wrong place

For a hungry baby, the closest available pair of breasts is fair game, even if they are attached to a visiting aunt or a doting grandmother. Desperate babies have been known to latch on fondly to their daddies too!

While breastfeeding newborn may not be the easiest choice you make, it is sure to be among the most rewarding ones. The comfort of bonding with your baby only doubles by the satisfied gurgle of a well-fed baby. Add to that the knowledge that you burn 500 calories every time you nurse, and the challenges of nursing may be something you enjoy after all! 


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