The day the Crayons Quit: Have a blast as you skim through the most colorful mutiny ever!

The day the Crayons Quit: Have a blast as you skim through the most colorful mutiny ever!

The moment I read the title I knew I had to buy this book. If the title was so funny, the book had to be too;  a perfect fun read for my 5 year old. 

Written by Drew Daywalt; the book tells the story of little Duncan who wants to colour. But, when he opens his box of crayons, he finds there are no crayons in it; only letters. These letters were written by the crayons and they were all announcing – We Quit!

Red is overworked from colouring all the Santas, hearts, apples and strawberries, while Blue is all short and stubby from being overused. And Pink feels ignored as being the girly colour, Duncan never uses it. Then there is White that feels sad because it’s not visible unless used with a Black outline, while Black feels it’s unfair that it’s used only to draw outlines. But, the most hilarious of all is the silent fight between Orange and Yellow as they both try to prove themselves as the color of the sun.



Will these letters appeal to the better sense of Duncan? What will he do now? That’s something you would enjoy discovering on your own with your little one by your side. I had a blast reading it, and my daughter listening to it. The illustrations are funny, creative and very appealing to young minds. It will make your kids see their crayons in a whole new light and appreciate colors like they have never before.

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