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7 sure-fire ways to make your Lil’ ones addicted to healthy grub

7 sure-fire ways to make your Lil’ ones addicted to healthy grub

26 Aug 2016 | 4 min Read

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We eat to live and it should never be the other way round, for food is sustenance, not something to be dismissed as willy-nilly. Thus, eating healthy is a good addiction that is better introduced as a toddler. Here are a few tips to avoid turning every mealtime into a mini battlefield of cringe-worthy tears:


1. Be a ‘balanced’ role model

Instead of coquettishly obsessing over one food group, go for a balanced diet that includes everything like fruits,vegetables, grains among others and excludes all the fat in the form of ‘tasty’ stuff like junk and processed foods. Actions often speak louder than words, so be the change that you want and rustle up lip smacking healthy options for your kids, and always control the portion sizes, for chubbiness is not a cousin of obesity.


2.  Snacks can always be healthy 

Nowhere is it mentioned that your little one must always munch on stuff that’s so greasy that it would put tar to shame. Let your kids snack on healthier alternatives like yum frozen yogurt instead of bland vanilla ice-cream or spinach chips instead of the same ol’ potato staleness.


3.  Dinnertime is about ‘family’ time too

Eating is not just a mechanical process, it’s a whole phenomenon designed to make your stomach and soul #happy. So make your mealtimes ‘family time’ and eat together so that you can monitor their food as well as give off some encouraging vibes, especially when your little Ronaldo sees the whole family enjoying their favorite salad with absolute relish.


4. Go for less sugar please

Sweetness is good, but not sugars, so restrict daily sugar intake for your kids by controlling the amount of sugar-laden drinks and other items so that it doesn’t turn into a cravenous indulgence. You can also provide home made options in drinks and desserts that require less sugar.


5. Avoid Trans fat at any cost

Every person in this world is probably not a saint, then why should every type of fat be? Fats are vital for our life, but you have to play smart and safe with them. Banish trans fat at any price, as they are extremely harmful and let your kids enjoy foods that are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats: the real ‘knights’ of the fat ‘realm’. Thus, you should bake cookies at home instead of buying packaged stuff, as they contain motherloads of trans- fat.


6. Let them make ‘the healthy’ choice 

Volition always works better than compulsion. So, involve your kids in the entire process of ‘bringing food to the table’ and let them make the healthy choices, while learning on-hand all the gyaan about healthy and unhealthy food.


7. Even the fussiest eater can eat healthy 

Is you kid ‘the guy’ that just zooms out at the sight of oh-so-healthy broccoli? Well, no need to worry! Be smart and patient and you can emerge triumphant ‘in this battle of wills’ without bruised hearts. Try introducing a new food item when your cute super man or woman gets really hungry, make food interesting and fun. 

Never ever give up, for as the wise often say “Food is often the best medicine”. 

And always strive to:



Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Munchkins Box 


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