Let’s Celebrate My Child!

Let’s Celebrate My Child!

Baby, you & me

Let’s celebrate

The love you were conceived with

The glee when we got confirmation of your presence

Those weeks of elation to know you were growing within me

The flutters I first felt when you moved

Your transformation from a dot to a tiny tot


Let’s celebrate

Your first cry

The first time I  held you in my arms

The first night we lay awake playing

while the world slept oblivious to the fun they were missing

The first time your Dad put on nursery rhymes  and you danced to them


Let’s celebrate

Your first fall...ouch!

It still hurts to think of it and a few afterwards

Your first words

Your first step

And how you wouldn’t hold anyone’s finger

You had your first taste of freedom

Your first shoes

Your amazing communication skills before you learnt so many words


Let’s celebrate

The sheer joy you bring to our lives

Your awareness of other’s feelings

Your attempts to cheer them up and make them smile

Let’s celebrate

The wonderful person you are


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