Heal your kid with the elemental love of Nature

Heal your kid with the elemental love of Nature

31 Aug 2016 | 4 min Read

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The principle of Nature Cure is based on the notion that all diseases of the body are caused by the presence of unwanted toxic substances (toxemia) and absence of useful substances in the body (deficiency). Hence, the logical treatment of such a condition is to detoxify the body and rectify the deficiencies.

Nature has equipped us with the necessary tools to heal ourselves from sickness.We have been endowed with three major instincts, namely thirst, hunger and fatigue. If we can sharpen our ability to recognize these instincts and act upon them, we can kick-start the healing process. For instance, when the child gets sick, he/she loses his appetite (So he/she stops eating conventional food), he/she feels tired (so he/she rests), and  he/she feels thirsty, so he/she drinks water. Sometimes the disease is so strong that she may even lose her thirst for water. Parental intervention is required in such situations and a bit of  gentle firmness goes a long way in preventing the disease from getting prolonged. (However, in the case of severe nausea and vomiting associated with fever, abdominal pain and distention, the child should not be forced to drink fluids and a doctor should be consulted as soon as possible.)

Water facilitates the detoxification process. Once the poisons have left the body, the appetite for food returns and he/she starts accepting food,which goes on to replenish his/her body and restore his/her health, strength and vigour.

Hence, in order to cure disease, one has to remove the toxins and replace the vital substances. This understanding helps us to assist Nature in performing the task effectively and restoring health.

Nature Cure is a gentle, sure and effective way to heal in most cases, but there are occasions when, along with the natural means, one requires the help of medications. Medications, in such circumstances, are necessary only in small doses and for a shorter duration. The means available to us in Nature Cure are diverse and all pervasive. They are available everywhere and they are almost free of cost. Hence Nature Cure can be used by anyone at any time.

The means are Sunshine, Water, Air, Earth, Fire and a host of combinations thereof:

Sunshine provides warmth to the body and triggers the release of its hormones. It is vital for the maintenance of good health. In Nature Cure, sunbathing has been given a lot of importance in restoring health. The best time for sunbathing is the early part of the morning or the latter part of the evening when the sun’s rays are warm but not as harsh as the mid-day sun.

1. Bathing in water, cold and warm sponges.

2. Drinking enough water.

3. In the form of enemas, which are a very useful tool for internal cleansing. However, some precautions must be kept in mind while using enemas. An enema should never be given by an inexperienced person. It should never be given if an  intestinal obstruction or some sort of intestinal infection is suspected. It should also never be given to kids suffering from high fever, like typhoid. It should always be given with water at room temperature and hot water should never be used. Forceful introduction of the enema tube could cause very serious damage, so better to avoid it always.

4. Whirlpool baths, Jacuzzis and hip-baths are some of the other uses of water in Nature Cure.

5. Air is of paramount importance in healing. Breathing and physical exercises are some of the best ways to optimize your kid’s air intake.  The ability to breathe correctly helps in providing the body with adequate oxygen that is absolutely necessary for effective healing. Yogic breathing exercises equip your kids to breathe properly thus enhancing his overall physical, mental and spiritual growth. However, these exercises should always be done under supervision.


Earth is used directly in the form of mudpacks and indirectly by cultivating it for all our various fruits, vegetables, nuts, grain, sprout beans and other foods, which forms the basis for our nourishment.

Fire is used to create warmth and also helps in cooking our food which makes it palatable and easily digestible.

All these elements can be used alone or in combinations thus providing the basis for optimum healing.


Source: Book – Guide to Child Care by Dr R K Anand

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