A Beginner’s Guide To Weaning Foods

If your baby is nearly half a year young, it’s time for you to prep up for the weaning stage! It is important as some of these early tastes will stay with him/her for life.


Your baby’s encounter with taste starts right in the womb through the amniotic fluid and continues outside through your milk. Your baby gets somewhat exposed to different flavors of food by way of what you ate during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Most babies get their teeth between 4 to 7 months and almost around the same time, they start sitting up as well. Let the baby be around you during your meal times, when she sees you eat she may open her mouth and drool, that’s a signal that it is time to introduce solid foods. The saliva released by your baby contains crucial digestive enzymes required to digest the solid foods. It is important that you wait for six months atleast before you start weaning your baby. The digestive tract of the baby gradually matures and gets prepared to digest the solids.  So if you introduce solids earlier than 4 months, it may lead to allergies.


Fruits are easiest to digest so it’s a good idea to start with mashed bananas.  Potassium rich bananas are closest to breast milk.

Some expressed breast milk can be mixed with mashed bananas to make it a rich satisfying snack for the baby.  This is the best time to find out if your baby is allergic to certain foods, so it’s wise to introduce one food at a time and wait for 2 to 3 days before giving the next food.


Try all the basic fruits like papayas, chikoos, apples, pears one by one and then you can start mixing two fruits.  Slowly, introduce all veggies like bottle gourd, carrots, sweet potatoes, beetroot,  pumpkin, peas, one at a time,  they can be steamed and mashed and offered to the baby.  If the vegetable suits the baby, then two different veggies can be mixed and given.  


Steaming will help preserve the nutrients whereas boiling the veggies in a pressure cooker destroys most of the nutrients.  There are various equipments available in the market for steaming and pureeing, which you can try. Go for local, seasonal and organic fruits and vegetables. These fruits and veggies can gradually be offered as finger foods, chopped in bite-sized pieces, which also helps them develop the pincer grasp. 


Pulses and whole grains like brown rice, millets, wheat can be introduced between 6 – 8 months after the introduction of fruits. They can also be introduced alongside the vegetables but is best offered after your baby is responding well to the vegetables.


Introducing a variety of foods in different textures, seasoned with fresh herbs will keep the interest of the baby alive in food and  will let him explore his taste buds and develop his palette. Do we like eating the same food everyday, then why bore poor baby with the same old khichdi for all his meals?


Once he starts eating solids, include the baby in your mealtimes.  When you eat you can make the baby sit on your lap or next to you. Allow him/her pick up the food he likes from your plate and put it in his mouth.  This could get messy but acquaints your baby to the family food and will make the transition from baby food to adult food smooth for you.


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Comments (47)

can I introduce semolina with milk(kheer) to my six months baby

Roohi Bhatia

useful info

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@ Roohi Bhatia I am glad you find it useful. Thank you.

amrin jahagirdar

my six months old baby has cough n she likes to have oranges, is it good for my baby to give oranges now?

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@amrin j. yes you can give because oranges are in season now and high in vitamin C, they boost the immunity and keeps the child hydrated.

Grishma pathak chakraborty

very nice and useful article.


informative  thank u Megha Rawal Health Coach

Hemanth Kumar

Hi good informative article.
I have a doubt , in regard wether fruits can be given to a 6 months baby. as my pediatrician suggest not to go with fruits until baby is 9 Months old. Dr. suggested to start with cereals till baby attains 9 months

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@Hemanth Kumar - fruits are the lightest natural foods high in nutrients, babies love them because of the taste and it goes very easy on their delicate digestive tracks. Seasonal fruits should be given to babies, you should check with your Dr. why has he suggested otherwise.

rekha sagar

very useful...thank u so much

rekha sagar

hi megha..do we need to give milk also after 6 months or only solid fruits that u described above is enough.

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@ rekha sagar its better to continue with breast feeding till the baby turns one along with the introduction of all solids.

Ketki Joshi

very gd article ..

Priyanka Tiwari

useful information thanks

Meghna Tailor

Good article

Rosina Menezes

This is so well written.

swati bhardwaj

mera baby two yrs ka hai use cold or caugh ki problem rahti hai kya karun plz suggestion m

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@swati bharadwaj it's very common of kids of this age catch colds often because they are building their immunity to over 200 viruses. You can make a concoction of 5 leaves of tulsi, 2 dates and a dash of ginger and give it to your child on waking up or after bath. For more details write to ecorico.in@gmail.com


hii ...can we give non veg soup to 6 mnth old baby? my MIL gives plain watery soup boiled in chicken and mutton to my 6mnths old baby...i wonder if its heavy to digest or not.

Ellora Mohanty Biswal

Very useful article!! I want to know my baby is 7 months old can u give her guava juice is it safe?

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@Tanushree, I wouldn't suggest giving non veg before the baby turns one!

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@Ellora you can give her home made guava juice without the seeds but give a little at first and gradually increase the portions.

Sujata Patodia

Hello mam..my baby is 6months 2weeks old...i give her pureed khichri at 11.00 am biscuit in  water at 6.00 pm and home made ceralac ( suji moong dal dalia sabudana chudwa) at 9.00 pm ..i add salt and sugar for taste...m I doing rite?
I tried Apple puree and market cerelac and Nestum rice but she don't like it..neither does she like formula milk or cows milk. I had started weaning at 5 and half months. Pls help mam as she is not gaining adequate weight as per my paed and she vomited yesterday night.

Megha Rawal Health Coach

Hi Sujata, its too much of cereal for her, it got heavy for her that's why she vomited. Try other fruits like bananas, pears. You can call me for on 9821142700 or write to me ecorico.in@gmail.com for a more detailed discussion.

Kiran Kanojia

This is so well written.

Shabnam Siddiqui

Can we introduce banana in winter

Namrata Pathak

I wish I knew this before

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@ Shabnam Siddiqui, yes you can introduce bananas in winters


very useful

Vibha Maurya

I wish I knew this before

Nasreen Mansoor

This is just in time..
Thank for the post..😊

Sachi Singhal

wonderful post 🤘

Sheetal Ghag

very nicen useful info.. Megha Rawal Health Coach ..... half of t things im already following. Remaining will start following now.. thanks... keep providing such info....

sheetal bhardwaj

Very informative as well as very well written


I wish I knew this before

Mrs. Gazala Khan

Tells me how..

Ramya Akhileshwar

Megha Rawal Health Coach out of a twin pregnancy, my one baby survived and was born extremely premature at 24 weeks weighing 710grams. Her birth age is 6 months but corrected age is 2.5 months. Once she was home, after 3.5 months, her paediatrician was not happy with her weight gain so adviced us to start with semi solids. So we started off with very finely mixi mashed moong dal-boiled rice-carrot-1 date-1 almond, followed by pureed apple, then moved to sweet potato and then pears. All the while breast milk being given atleast 5 to 6 times a day. Thankfully, she accepted the semi solids very well from day 1 and it has also helped her gain some weight. However, I'm really concerned about the fact that we had to introduce solids so early to her,
A) is it going to affect her immune system further?
B) what else can we give her now?
C) can water be offered

aswathi lipin

Will giving ragi to my 6 Months old baby lead to sputum ?

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@Ramya you can give your baby, bananas mixed with your breast milk, focus on lots of fruits and vegetables purees - sweet potatoes, pumpkins, bottle gourds, etc.
Continue feeding the baby your breast milk because that will strengthen her immunity.
Yes you can give your baby v little water.

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@aswathi lipin, preferably give malted ragi, and start with 2 to 3 teaspoons and gradually increase the qty.

Karthika Vipin

I wish I knew this before

Vaishali Naik

I wish I knew this before


good articles. thank u so much

khan nursuba

Wo abhi 7 month ki hai kiya mai usko cow milk pila sakti hu

Megha Rawal Health Coach

@khan nursuba wait till she turns 1 year old for introducing cow milk and try to go for desi cow milk.

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