The Brightest Stars: A Tribute To One Of Our Top Momstars Harmeet Khurana

The lovely Harmeet has completed yet another milestone on her Babychakra journey, with 50+ reviews! Here’s our tribute to this super Momstar!

How is it like being a parent?

What I’ve learnt is that parenting is not a one time thing. It’s a journey that you walk with your child each and everyday, a daily learning experience for both. One gets to learn new aspects of patience and understanding.

I love Babychakra because..

Babychakra is user-friendly, easy and with its expert panel to answer your queries, help is just one click away. 

For new mothers or mums with multiple kids, it’s a boon. You don’t have to rely on anonymous reviews. One can be confident that Babychakra has reviews by mothers who have actually experienced all the services firsthand. It’s great to have members of the Babychakra team helping and motivating always. 

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Comments (11)

Priya Sood

Harneet Khurana!!! Go girl!!

Jai shri

congrats dearo.. Harneet Khurana

Sonam patel

get going Harneet Khurana.. good job

Sheeba Vijesh

congrats Harneet Khurana 👍

Kartik Kujur


Aishwarya Shukla

Congrats harneet


Congratulations herneet

Priya Sood

Harneet (clanpedia) remember this?

Harneet (clanpedia)

This is amazing. Thanks all.

Varsha Rao

Congratulations dear

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