Best Birthday Cake shops in Mumbai

Best Birthday Cake shops in Mumbai

26 Jun 2014 | 3 min Read

Baby Chakra

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Meet Nadia, a Bandra mum who is our mom star this week! Nadia is a corporate lawyer. Work and her baby, Neale, keep her busy. When its birthday time though, its all hands on deck for her to throw the funnest birthday she can for baby Neale. According to her, the most important decision in planning a birthday party is the birthday cake. Her chirpy 2 year old, Neale, loves birthday cakes. Especially his own. Here are a few of her favorite spots to get birthday cakes from.

Warning: this article is not for those on a diet!


Beena Cakes:

Beena Cakes is a favorite in Bandra. Beena makes her cakes at home, by herself and with a few days heads-up can make the cake you want, designed in fun, interesting ways. Baby Neale’s birthday cake was from here. His cake was designed to look like a little island of dinosaurs: a friendly, fun Jurassic Park! (Neale’s favourite books are on dinos).


Brownie Point:

An old favorite. Relatively reasonably priced for fondant cakes at ~Rs.1000/kg. You can get custom cakes done in a day. So if you have’nt planned well in advance but want that special cake for baby/hubby or just yourself, we highly recommend Brownie Point.



Tart’s regular cakes are yum. When Nadia just wants a regular, non-fondanty cake for her granddad, this is where she picks up her regular chocolate ganache cake from. Be warned though: their fondant cakes are pricey so you maybe better off with the regular picks.


Love, Sugar, Dough:

Love, Sugar, Dough is Planning something a bit different for a party/ baby shower? Nadia’s friends got her cupcakes from Love, Sugar, Dough in Bandra. They customize cupcakes for you and also print photos on cupcakes if you really want something fun and different.


There are brownies and then there are Theobroma’s brownies. Theo also makes cakes! You need to typically order your cake a day or two in advance. For a fondant cake they need a minimum of 3 kgs and since each kg is Rs.1500, our suggestion is going for a normal cake with some fancy icing on it priced from Rs.900-950 per kg. While you wait to choose a cake, consider indulging in their infamous egg-butty.

The team at BabyChakra also has a few picks of our own in Mumbai city.


Check out mom-recommended:

Crumbilicious (Colaba)

Ambrosia (Chembur)

Not Just Desserts by Sabina (Wadala)

For eggless cakes, consider I love BabyCakes (Malabar Hill, Parel)

Let us know what you thought of these picks! Did we miss out on any? Send us your suggestions / recommendations to for a surprise!