Weaning Foods: Papaya Porridge for Babies

Papaya Porridge is a bright coloured food item that works wonders for baby’s visual appeal. Break away from the monotonous looking purees and mashes and serve this bright coloured dish to your bundle of joy. 

Introducing babies to foods, during infancy, that they might reject once grown up is a good way of making them appreciate the foods early. Papaya is very beneficial for babies as it helps in digestion and given the new baby diet it is imperative there is some good digestion as well! This yummy and creamy dish can be a good evening meal for kids to help better digest the day’s feed. Besides, the Vitamin A supply is high in Papaya which is an ideal thing for a growing baby. 

I have always refrained from adding any sweeteners to my infant’s meal, it’s best to resort to the original flavour and taste of the main ingredient as it helps the taste buds open up and accept new flavours early in life. 

You can prepare and feed this to your baby within few weeks of starting the weaning process. 

Papaya Porridge for Babies

Makes ½ cup, ideal for 2 meal sittings of the baby


1. 2 tablespoons Papaya Pulp
2. 1 heaped teaspoon Rice flour
3. ½ cup Milk


Step 1: Mix milk and rice flour in a vessel, and put on flame. 

Step 3: Mix in the papaya pulp and give it to the baby immediately.

This porridge doesn’t stay long; please discard, any remainder after the first feed.

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Comments (9)

Saima Tariq

is this suitable fr 6month old baby..

and in cold weather??

aasiya shaikh

should i start this from 6months or wait till he completes it

rekha sagar

wait till he completed 6 months

Umaima Abdulally

once the baby completes 6 months

aradhana sharma mudgal

formula milk cannot be cookked ? they are putting in flame ?

Sujata Patodia

Can I get some milk free recipes for my 6 month old..as she doesn't take formula or cows milk

leesha jain

Sonal Bhutada Sana Danish Abdullah Preethi Mohan Nalini Tambabattula himanshu singh Disha Shastri Akanksha Aneja Anand Roopal Sarda Anusha Priya Harshi Krishnani


aradhana sharma I was wondering the same.
One should never put on flame the formula or breast milk :-/
And it's weaning food so less than a year means can't; introduce other form of milk.
With Respect, if someone's baby get ill, is BabyChakra or author; gonna take responsibility??


Can this be given to a 6 month old baby

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