The best seat in the house...errr... on mommy!

It is the best feeling in the world to hold your baby in your arms. The sweet smell of a newborn, a child resting against your chest. Nothing in the world compares to this. Babies are happiest being close and especially, when held by their mothers.

What is babywearing?

Babywearing has been practised for centuries around the world. Every ancient civilization finds traces of carrying their young ones in a cloth tied to the caregiver, primarily the mother.

Babywearing is the practice of wearing or carrying a baby in a sling or in another form of carrier. It is a great practice that helps keep a baby happy and build a strong bond between mom and the baby.


Good quality baby carriers are known to be versatile, comfortable and add to your fashion quotient. However, the benefits of babywearing are far more profound. 




Easing in the the fourth trimester

The nine months after the baby is born is often called as the fourth trimester. Babywearing provides a gentle way of transition from the calm environment of the womb to that of the outside world. Babies continue to be rocked by their mothers' movements and listen to their mothers' heart beats. This helps them regulate their own systems.

Carrier babies are happier

Generally newborns will cry more in the first 6 weeks of their life. Closeness with the mother helps calm the little ones. Research shows that babywearing for 3 hours a day reduces infant crying by 43% in the day and by 56% in the evening hours. Hence babies are relaxed, calmer and happier.

Good digestion, eases colic, avoids reflux

50% of all babies experience some reflux in the first 12 weeks. 30 to 40 minutes holding in upright position eases the discomfort of reflux and aids digestion and reducing colic.



Encourages parent-child bonding

Babywearing encourages a new mother to be aware of the baby's early cues and fulfill them immediately. This helps baby to be secured, create trust with caregiver, develop a deep bond and grow up to be a confident person. This stands true for adopted babies too.


Peaceful sleep

Carried babies sleep better, sleep quicker and usually longer. They usually have a organized sleep-wake cycle as compared to babies who haven’t been worn.

Little Einsteins

Carried babies are in a quiet alert state which is optimal for learning, resulting in enhanced visual, auditory and speech development. This in turn, makes synaptic connections in the brain, aiding brain stimulation and development as the baby's brain is still developing when the baby is born.

Back to being fit

Babywearing keeps mom fit. A brisk 30 minute babywearing walk can help shed 100 to 300 calories as baby's weight acts as resistance and strength training. Carrying a baby in an ergonomic carrier improves mom's core muscles which in turn helps improve posture post pregnancy. It also supports baby's physiological development of head, spine and hips when carried in an appropriate position. Premature babies when held close, gain weight faster and soon become healthier. Baby wearing also decreases the risks of positional plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome) in babies which can be caused by lying flat on their back for extended time.

Breastfeeding Bliss

Moms who routinely babywear are twice likely to breastfeed following the baby's early cues. This leads to release of Oxytocin which is also known as the feel good/ love hormone. Oxytocin, also known for its anti-anxiety effect, greatly reduces occurrence of postpartum depression. You can also breastfeed 'on the go'.
A calm baby equals to reduced levels of stress for everyone in the family.

So go ahead and start your babywearing journey. Have a happy parenthood !!!


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Comments (28)

can u suggest me any brand which has baby carrier for 1 month old baby?

Dear pooja singh
There are quite a few vendors here on BabyChakra who manufacture ergonomic babycarriers. You can search under the shopping tab. Babies can be worn in these right from day the baby is born. You can try out Ring Slings,  Meh Dai or even a wrap for your baby.
You can try Ring Slings and Meh Dai from Zoli, Zabla and More.

These are all great points! Never heard of the time after the. Baby was born being referred to as the 4th trimester. It does make sense!

Thank you Angelica Arias,
BabyWearing has truly been a blessing. Love ...

Hi I'm unable to wear zoli zabla ring sling. sometimes it gets too tight and sometimes vice versa that baby may fall down.  I've watched d vdos but still unable to wear my baby comfortably into it

Dear Pooja,
Can you please send me the images? I will be able to guide u better. We can take it on personal chat.

I wish I knew this before

Dear @Stuthi Panigrahy Singh.
No worries. You can always share this information with other expecting or new moms.
Lots of love...

Pooja singh malasi try mother care.

I wish I knew this before

No worries Ren.
You can always share this with would-be mums or new mums.
Lots of love...

Sounds like so much fun.

Anu Mehta It indeed is fun.... especially when you have your bub close to you and helping him/her to ease into the life outside the womb.
Lots of love to you!!!

I used baby carrier my baby is so comfort in baby carrier

Can we do work after wearing the baby carrier??

Dear Divya Lamba, yes you may work while wearing the baby in a carrier. One of the benefits of Babywearing is to be handsfree while making sure your baby's needs are met and is close to you. HOWEVER make sure you are not doing anything that compromises your balance.; Also avoid cooking. We do not want to do anything that may hurt the baby.
In my case,; I would do entire house hold work and also go for walks with my baby in the carrier.
You just need to follow the safety guidelines.
Best Wishes!!!

What about bike ride with baby carriers

This is so well written.

I wish I knew this before

This is exactly what I was looking for. - Bang on!

Dear Stella Mkamwa Thank you so much.

How young is your baby Stella Mkamwa?

Sangeetha Gopi Anything that compromises your balance like biking, skiing, roller skates or adventure sports etc is not advisable while BabyWearing. This includes bike rides too.

This is just in time

Dear lubna tabassum You are a new mum, isn't it? You can start Babywearing right away. Just make sure that you have the right type of carrier for you and your baby.
Best wishes....

Baby wearing is so useful as they are comfortable and you can do ur stuff carrying them

This is so well written.

Hi, my baby is one month old, when he was crying i was singing a song and he became calm down. But when he will see my face....pls tell me... but he is seeing the light

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