Maternity Style Guide: Making the most of your classic whites

Maternity Style Guide: Making the most of your classic whites

We, Indian girls, might disagree over many things, but if asked to pick the most classy piece of Indian clothing– it would definitely be the classic white kurta. This versatile desi piece of apparel can be paired with jeans, long skirts or leggings. And that's all the more reason why one can use it often with different styles during pregnancy.

Kriti brings this beautiful white stunner with zari work and we have a few ideas on how you can jazz it up.

Aztec Allure 

Are you the artistic sort? Do you like statement jewelry and bold hippie styles? If so, read on-

1. Junk Jewelry

Forget diamonds and rubies. Large beads are in! And if you don’t own a piece of this magnificence, you can even make one. For the DIY enthusiasts, here’s what you need to do. Arrange the beads in a manner that looks pleasing to your eye. Thread them to a short piece of wire and twist each end into a loop. Attach each item to the bottom of the link so that it hangs freely and…… woot! Your necklace is ready! 

A solo necklace has its charm but you can team it up with bracelets or a big ring as well.

2. Leggings 

The coolest combo with a white kurta. Any shade would do, but blue would go the best, according to our style guru.

3. Azure Leather Sling

If your sling bag looks too plain, you can dangle pretty little charms and keychains from its zipper. Small clinky trinkets always add to the beauty. Use this to bring out your creativity.

4. Timeless White Kolhapuris

Kolhapuris are iconic, go with most clothes and are super stylish! Opt in for a white one to match your kurta and you will stand out for sure!

Glam Gold

If you’re the type that loves gold embellishments, close your eyes and just go for this!

1. Elegant Gold Accessories

Long Kurtas always benefit from a hint of gold. Our recommendation is to stay simple with the bling and let your clothes steal the show.

2. Cotton Printed Dupatta

Dupattas are a must-have in every woman’s wardrobe. And one made out of cotton is perfect for hot summers. They come as a whole new element to go well with the outfit, and also help defend the sun rays. Win-win! 

3. Brown Leather Sling Purse

This one’s another essential. It’s practical, useful, and has a chic appeal. Leather is breathable and natural, and bags made out of them are durable and can withstand harsh conditions. Our two cents: buy a brown coloured handcrafted bag that has a metal sling – it’ll complete your look! 

4. Metallic Flats

Hey there, twinkle toes! Pregnancy is the time where wearing heels is out of the question. Simply slipping on a metallic flat shoe is the easiest and most eye-catching way to look fancy without much effort. Gold, silver, rose gold and blue steel are just a few of the flashy hues we've spotted. Gold, of course, goes well with this one! 

Simple or eccentric, this classic white kurta can be accessorized any way you want! 

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BabyOye

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