Pregnancy, my foot!: Things a mum-to-be’s feet need to be happy

Painful and swollen feet are common during pregnancy. Changes in body weight, the center of gravity and hormones can cause edema - or fluid retention around the feet or plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation in the the ligament that connects the heel to the foot, giving rise to pain and puffy feet. And we know, it isn’t a pretty feeling at all. 

Even otherwise, the feet are the most neglected part of the body. So when they hurt during pregnancy, we brush it off as another pregnancy symptom that will pass. But with little care, our feet can get much-needed relief.  So ladies, pack your stilettos, pumps or any other form of heels, and put them away until your baby arrives. Till then, stock up on these: 

are easy-to-wear and comfortable and you can slide these over your feet without bending over at all. They come in a variety of prints and colours and look good with many outfits. Strong Flip-flops also ensure that you’re sure-footed when moving around with your bump. 

During winters, there are fuzzy flip-flops ones you can wear at home. Once you wear them, you’ll never want to take them out! 
Try choosing from a range of flip-flops available here.

Bellies: For one of those occasions when you need to look formal, bellies are just wonderful. But, if you are buying shoes early on during pregnancy, leave some room, jump up a size or two and use socks to fill in the extra space. When swelling suddenly strikes later,  you will be prepared.

Another thing to look out for is proper padding. Choose a shoe with cushioning as these allow you to remain standing for longer periods of time Again, check them out at Babyoye stores.

Silicon Heel Cushion: Unfortunately, not many are aware of this product. This foot cushion is extremely functional and helps ease pain while walking. It absorbs the pressure caused by the additional 20-30 pounds of weight on you, and makes walking a comfortable, regular experience. The soft, anti-shock zone redistributes the stress from your calves and heels equally to all points on your feet, 

So your tired and aching ankles can rest, keeping you happy all day long!. Click here if you want to check them out! 

Pregnancy does comes with a lot of aches and pains. But we know that once your little one enters this world, you’ll feel it was all worthwhile! ☺ 

Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BabyOye

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really needed this one... my legs were paining a lot... thanks

ordering maternity socks😊

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