Now every mum-to-be will be ramp-ready with this Novel Collection

Now every mum-to-be will be ramp-ready with this Novel Collection

Who says maternity clothes are unflattering? Kriti, an Indian brand in maternity wear, is known for its comfortable cuts and hand-picked fabrics in trendy colours, which can make any mum-to-be look her stunning best.

This Autumn-Winter, Kriti is set to release two contemporary styles in maternity wear set across several Babyoye Stores. We sneaked a peek into the all new Kriti Wardrobe, and let’s admit, we were agog with excitement.



Gingham checks have been around since the 1960s, and continue to be in fashion. Dorothy Gale wore a blue gingham dress in the Wizard of Oz  film and the dress is still etched in memory. Closer home, Bollywood stars Kangana Ranaut and Alia Bhatt don gingham dresses very often.

With Kriti’s Gingham collection, you’re sure to make a statement. The dress, made from cotton-blend yarn, is a set of two; a blue solid dress and a reversible jacket. One side of the jacket is checkered (is there a picture with the checkered side as we speak a lot about the checks pattern) but reverse it and voila! You have a nice blue, printed floral chintz that adds a different vibe to the entire outfit!

What we liked best about this dress is that it has a concealed zipper along its seam, to help a new mum feed her little one without much hassle. Bye, bye frumpy feeding gowns!

2. Desi Beats

What’s more ethnic than a kurta with patterns from one of the oldest and prettiest designs in India? Ashwini, Babyoye’s Head of Design, says, “The Desi Beats collection, is inspired from Bandhini.” The new Desi Beats range is made out of a satin and cotton blend fabric, and comes in two pretty colours - Sunset Orange and Indigo. 

This outfit has an elastic garter along the waistline which expands with your growing tummy. There are side tabs with the outfit as well, which can be unfolded and folded. You can unfold the tabs and wear it during pregnancy, then fold them once your baby is born to fit your contour. This one's a keeper even in your post-natal days. It also comes with a center-front concealed zipper to help nurse the baby.
What a fashionable way to ring in your pregnancy this season, isn’t it mums-to-be?


Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by BabyOye


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