10 Awkward Things Every Husband Must Help His Pregnant Wife With

10 Awkward Things Every Husband Must Help His Pregnant Wife With

20 Oct 2016 | 5 min Read

Arshad Jhatam

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It feels like just yesterday that she fitted into her size 28’’ jeans.

Today as she tried on her maternity ones (trust me, they resemble a tent), they wouldn’t fit. As she stood there groaning, I wanted to laugh, but my recent experiences told me to hold back.

Then I saw her plonk on the edge of the bed. Exhausted and misty-eyed, she held her head in her hands and just stayed.

The bed was strewn with her tried and discarded clothes. I could see she was hurting because suddenly, her stomach reminded her of a lot of things she couldn’t do. Even something as simple as picking up the jeans from the floor needed a herculean effort.

All I realised that evening that if there was something I could do, it was to make her feel loved. That these little things during such a delicate time go a long way.

They may feel weird or awkward but dear fathers-to-be, here are few simple tips for you to help your pregnant wife with.


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10 Awkward Things To Help Your Pregnant Wife With

1. Help her get into her clothes: When pregnancy sets in, the body goes through immense stiffness, aches and even imbalance. Helping her get into her pants could actually ease her worry about managing to get them past her bum.


2. Help her roll off the bed: I know this sounds ridiculous. But hauling your clumsy, imbalanced, nauseated self off any surface can be a daunting task. Help her by supporting her. It could be when getting off the couch or from the car. Pick things for her from the floor. And yes, help her in the bathroom if she’s unsure of managing by herself.

3. Help her with her shoes/ socks: The reason why she wears flip flops or slippers is not entirely because of swollen feet. It might also have to do with the fact that she can’t bend down to tie her shoelaces. Navigating her way around the mountainous bump might be a task. Ask her if you can help her with them.

4. Shave her legs: My pregnant wife once called me into the bathroom because she couldn’t reach out to a patch while shaving her legs. When I saw her struggle, I freaked out. Having a pregnant wife high on hormones was bad enough. Having an injured pregnant wife would be worse! Since then, I’ve offered to do it for her. Trust me, it’s no rocket science. It’s just like cleaning your beard, except over a larger surface.


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5. Give her a pedicure: After a long day, a tub of warm water with some bath salts and a foot rub is something most pregnant women would love. So get that tub, a bottle of lotion and all your love. She will be wooed over!

6. Make sure her pregnancy cravings are taken care of: She may cry for chocolate at 2 am. My wife did. At that time, I got it for her even if she said she didn’t want it. I’m glad I did. Women don’t make these cravings up, they’re actually a result of a vicious onslaught of hormones beyond their control. So be ready with your running shoes anytime because this is one area you definitely want to please her in.

7. Manage her gassy affairs: We were watching TV and it happened. She let it out loud and hard. I teased her about it for days to come. Little did I realize that all this was because of the many changes in her body. What I needed to do instead was make no big deal. So guys, just ignore it no matter how terrible the sound and smell. Quietly slink towards the window and open it a wee bit!


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8. Watch out for things like leaky nipples: Leaky breasts mean that the body is preparing for the baby to come. Your wife may not be able to detect this unless she keeps staring at her chest. So be her man-scout. Look out for her and make her feel aware yet comfortable.

9. Be creative in bed: This is a time when there might be a huge physical disconnect between you two. Be creative. Think of new ways to snuggle, get comfy in bed and feel connected. The lack of balance and awareness in your partner’s body might make it difficult to get your way around. What you must remember is that these are normal desires that need to be satiated. Plus, it’s a great way to relieve your wife’s mood swings!


10. Help her after birth too: The job’s not done with the baby out. After delivery, she may feel overwhelmed. She may be in pain because of post-delivery effects like painful stitches or haemorrhoids. I don’t even want to imagine the discomfort my wife felt with painful haemorrhoids post her delivery. So just help her with whatever it takes to recover faster, even if it means helping her soak her bottom in a hot tub.


Pregnancy is not only about caressing your wife’s baby bump and glowing face. It’s also about sticking with her through her embarrassing, not-so-pleasant moments. She may never ask for help, but it is upto us to be there for this is what matters.



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