Develop Critical Thinking In Your Kid

Develop Critical Thinking In Your Kid

3 Jul 2014 | 3 min Read

Dhara Mehta

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However there is a new buzzword trying to make its way in the educational setup called – ‘Critical thinking’. Let’s learn what this critical thinking is and how one can develop critical thinking in children.

What is ‘Critical thinking’?

‘Critical thinking’ can be described as nonlinear, open-ended and complex thinking. It makes room for multiple responses, various perspectives and interpretations to the same situation or a problem.

Putting it in a simpler manner, critical thinking is about knowing how to think not what to think! One of the primary goals of education should be to gift children skills to think critically which would allow them to reason better.Instilling critical thinking skills in children at an early age will enable them to think outside the box, analyse facts and apply them in innovative ways. A child who has mastered this skill would mature into an adult who would be able to make decisions based on evaluation of the facts rather than instinct or emotion.



How to inculcate ‘critical thinking’ in children?

Exposing the child regularly to various forms of puzzles, logical thinking games or brain teasers which require analytical reasoning are food for critical thinking. Use every opportunity to encourage your child to exercise their problem solving and logical reasoning skills. Handy tip for all parents – when you read a story to your child; pause and ask them questions like ‘what would you do if you were the main character in the story?’, ‘if you were Jack, would you climb up the beanstalk?’ These questions would make your child think, and you never know we could have innovative versions of classics like Cinderella or Hansel and Gratel.



Having said the above, it is vital for your child to know his multiplication tables, grammar rules and the theories taught in school. However, it is also essential for them to know how and when to use them! Provoking children to think out of the box and exposing them to solve challenging problems is very essential and healthy for their growing minds. In this way we can prepare them for life and its uncertainties and no problem shall ever be a big one for our little ones!



Is there any formal course to instill this skill in my child?

If you would like to inculcate this habit of solving puzzles and thinking out of the box in your child in a formal and structured manner you could drop in at ‘The Kids Company’ – an activity centre for children. Through our intelligence building program we aim to improve skills related to logical thinking, problem solving, self management, communication and inter personal skills. Our objective is to elevate our child’s learning beyond memorization taking him to the wonderful world of analysis and logic.

You could reach us at or visit

Happy parenting!

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