Mom Stars Spill The Beans on Newborn Skin Conditions And How to Beat Them!

Mom Stars Spill The Beans on Newborn Skin Conditions And How to Beat Them!

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That moment when you first hold your precious newborn provokes unmatched emotions and we at BabyChakra are all about those emotions! We know the joy, the possessiveness and the apprehensions that entail new motherhood.


It is only natural for you to be paranoid about your newborn’s skin issues. You have to however understand, that your little one’s skin is only just learning to adapt to its brand new environment and the transition is not immediate!


When in this transition phase, the baby’s skin might undergo a few skin conditions and that is no reason to panic! You can mostly treat your little one’s skin issues with some care and experienced advice.


Which is why, we thought it would be a good idea to convene and rope in our Mom Stars to – share their baby skin experiences and tell us all about handling them! Here is what they had to say…


Our superstar mommy; Preeti Athri recalls the tough time she had with her baby boy’s cradle cap and Eczema: “My firstborn's skin was a nightmare for 8 months! He suffered from severe cradle cap and atopic dermatitis (also called Eczema). The maalishwali was sacked, much to everyone's shock as the doctor advised us not to oil or massage. I would be in tears to see him erupt into red, angry rashes especially during winter. I tried everything, but finally, a simple, local moisturizer worked. Now my son is 4, has dry skin, but no rashes. I couldn’t identify any trigger but they did stop once the oil massages were stopped. I massaged him myself after that with baby cream and gentle strokes. So it was basically loss of moisture and pressure that caused it.”


It is important however to know that cradle cap and atopic dermatitis are two different skin conditions; the former appears on the scalp while the latter can attack anywhere.  


Another mommy star Jasmeet Kaur Deep tells us how she dealt with a diaper rash and cradle cap for her little one. “With my baby I faced diaper rashes, dry skin and an episode of cradle cap. With a few precautionary steps and handy emergency ointments, I was able to resolve them. During winter, dry skin is a problem and using gentle baby soaps and baby moisturizers can help. My son also had an episode with cradle cap once. But regular massages with a suitable baby oil followed by a hair wash helped cure the dry flaky skin.” We suggest, you opt for gentle, baby specific skin care brands that are custom made for babies.


While most babies breeze through these initial months with a minor rash and skin peeling, others might have to deal with multiple skin issues. One such experience was shared by Anura Wadia. She tells us, “My baby went through cradle cap, ringworm and mild eczema. After we introduced her to solid foods she also had a phase of diaper rash. I realized, massage with almond oil and edible olive oil followed by a baby bath with a mild baby wash and then a baby lotion can keep dryness away, leaving your baby’s skin in good health! For cradle crap, I used to massage the scalp with almond oil and wash with a mild baby wash. I then brushed the scalp with a soft baby brush very gently and once all the dead skin came off, I would wash hair and scalp again using the mildest possible shampoo.”


Well, we hope our effort to bring together mommies and tell it all on, baby skin issues and what to do about them, has proven to be of help!   


Please share with us your baby’s skin story or let us know if you need any help.


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