Planning a Vacation With Kids? Here’s How You Can Pick The Perfect Holiday Resort

Planning a Vacation With Kids? Here’s How You Can Pick The Perfect Holiday Resort

27 Nov 2016 | 5 min Read

Preeti Athri

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You’ve been planning a family vacation for a while now but selecting the right holiday resort has flummoxed you? Where you stay when on vacation is important and it becomes more so if you have children in tow. A lot of holiday centers claim to be family-friendly. However, before you finally hit the ‘book’ button, remember to ask these questions.


When on quest for a child-friendly resort, ask –

1. Does the resort have something to entertain my kids?

Scenic view or comfortable beds might excite you and your spouse, but the kids? Umm, maybe not! A family resort should have something for everyone but holiday activities for kids are priority. You don’t want to end up engaging them throughout your holiday, right? Here’s what you should look for:


  • Check if the  resort has a kiddie swimming pool and a play area option in the resort facilities list. These can keep kids amused for a while.
  • Some holiday centers arrange for special activities such as hiking, fishing, pottery etc. or have adventure sport zones within or near the premises where the entire family can chill.
  • Resorts such as Club Mahindra have the above and several other fun activities for guests planned over the week. They include a toddler zone for tiny tots, hobby classes for older kids and bonfire nights with dance and games for the adults, to name a few.



2. Does the resort have restaurants that cater to my family’s food needs?

Meals with kids, when on a holiday, can turn nightmarish! Not all restaurants can prepare your kids’ favourite food, the way they like it. At times, the hygiene and quality of the food is also questionable. And what if the resort is not equipped to serve milk for your screaming toddler at an odd hour? Here’s what you must ensure:

  • Before you book your resort, try and find out from reviews whether the staff serves custom, kid-friendly meals or provides room service at all times. Some resorts like Club Mahindra have a children’s menu with options like noodles and baby khichdi with every meal.
  • Some resorts have mini kitchenettes in their rooms. These are usually equipped with basic kitchen amenities so that you can prepare or heat up food with ease.



3. Is the resort staff child-friendly?

You would definitely expect the hotel staff to be warm and amenable when you’re holidaying with family. Kids tend to be their unruly best on vacation and if the staff is not child-friendly, your holiday experience could turn sour.

  • Reading reviews on websites such as Babychakra and TripAdvisor could help you figure if the service quality of a resort is good enough for a vacation with your kids.
  • Having trained, child-friendly staff also means that you can leave kids at the play zone with the other kids and the staff while you step out for a walk with your spouse.
  • Some resorts have a trained staff, equipped to conduct activity classes or games for kids. You could enjoy some me time when they’re busy.



4. Do the rooms have amenities that are family-friendly?

Room amenities matter a lot with kids in the holiday picture! The room absolutely needs to be kid friendly.

  • Check for pictures of the rooms on the resort’s website or other travel websites. The rooms must be reasonably spacious. If they look cluttered, then your kids may not have room to move about. If a resort offers villa rooms or suite rooms that fit your budget, book those to avoid getting into each other’s hair.
  • Having a hot water kettle, mini fridge and kitchenette in the room becomes doubly necessary if you’re travelling with a baby, as you may need them to store and prepare your baby’s food.
  • Call your prospective holiday resort to check for availability of baby cribs or extra mattresses as sound sleep is crucial on holiday. Family-friendly resorts usually have options like a living room space with a sofa cum bed near the bedroom, so that you and the kids need not squeeze on the same bed.



5. Can the resort help me with sightseeing?

Most resorts are far from the city but if you want to go exploring, your resort must be able to help you.

  • Enquire if the resort has a dedicated travel desk. The staff at the desk should be able help you chart out a itinerary. They must also have spacious vehicles at their disposal offered at competitive rates.
  • So you can get a feel of your holiday destination, there are resorts that offer local sightseeing options and unique experiences. These could be a visit to a local plantation or a local village. You can have such experiences at resorts like Club Mahindra Yercaud (a quaint hill station in Tamil Nadu) or Club Mahindra Jaisalmer (the desert destination of Rajasthan).

Make the most of your family holiday, as memories are for life.


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