Mom star Neha's Fab Toddler Book & Music Picks

Mom star Neha's Fab Toddler Book & Music Picks

Our Mom Champ, Neha Chopra, mom of an adorable 1 year old little baby girl, had a few suggestions to share with other new mums on toddler book list they must know and Hindi nursery rhymes she recites to baby.

A heads-up: Every book is different and so is every baby. Try to expose her to a variety and test out how she responds to the bright, clear pictures, the characters and the story. It's not just about what or which author you read but it's a lot about how you and your baby enjoy reading it. It's not the destination it's the journey. It's much the same with music. Either your child takes to the song or does not. Having her pick out notes and sing-a-long is a lot of fun though! Either way: here is a hand-picked selection to get you started off. Happy never-ending journey!

Ps: Most of these books are available for sale online on and offline at Spellbound, Kitaab Khana, Butterfly Books and of course Crossword . Some of these are also available for loan at Smart Cubs: a book and toy lending library (mention BabyChakra for a special discount as well).

So check with them before placing any orders.

1. Eric Carle (Author): The author has many popular books with gripping stories such as 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', 'Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see?'. The visuals are delightful and highly mum-recommended.

2. Baby Touch (Series): This series of books gives your baby the opportunity to explore touch z -ki with matching bright visuals. Books like Baby Touch: Peek-a-boo is a popular choice.

3. Baby Record Book – Nursery Rhymes (Book): This unique book is a journal to record the baby's milestones and is also a book of nursery rhymes.

4. Baby Touch & Feel (Series): Babies will love to touch and explore the new sensation. A happy start to their journey of discovery.

5. Lift the Flap (Series): These series lets your baby play peek- boo with its flaps. Lift the flap and see the image hiding underneath. She'll love the surprise.

6. Goodnight Moon (Book): The book is a lovely way to end a long day with a simple and soothing bedtime read.

7. Noddy (Series): The amusing illustrations keep the kids entertained

8. Dear Zoo: A lift-the-flap book (Book): The book helps develop a healthy curiosity to discover the animals behind the flap.

9. Sesame Street (Series): The famous Sesame series features the very popular character, Elmo. This series has a variety of books on varying themes.

10. Happy Baby (Series): The series include basics of learning for young babies such as Colors and Numbers. The single picture per page helps develop concentration and recognition.


Some Quick Picks for the more musically inclined:

Hindi Nursery Rhymes :-

1. Machlee jal ki Rani Hai :The simple description of the fish can be accompanied with hand gestures to enhance play and learning.

2. Nani Teri Morni ko : A cute and funny classic to be sung happily remembering Nani

3. Chunnu Munnu : A small lesson of sharing between two brothers fighting over a sweet.

4. Titali Rani : A melodious rhyme describing the pretty butterfly.

5. Aaloo kachaloo : A funny Hindi rhyme about a small potato.

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