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Things to be mindful of when your baby starts to crawl

Things to be mindful of when your baby starts to crawl

1 Dec 2016 | 4 min Read

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As your baby learns to crawl and discovers the incessant joys of cruising around the house, curiosity takes over and how! Discovering unexplored territories of the house is suddenly the most exciting thing to do and those constant chuckles are a proof!


However exciting this phase, it is full of bloopers and oops moments. This is also the time when your baby is most vulnerable to mishaps and getting hurt. It is obvious then, that you need to be on your toes and keep a watchful eye on your little brat.


Hear from BabyChakra Mom Stars about their ‘oops’ moments and learn about things to be mindful of when your baby starts to crawl…   


Kanupriya Jain makes a valid point – “When you have a baby in the house, always keep your eyes on the floor while opening doors. These little crawlers have a tendency to sneak up on you. So they might be right next to the door or might suddenly get there from between your legs.” This is exactly why, you need to baby proof your house and get those door stoppers and door pinch guards installed once your baby has discovered the joys of crawling.


Another Mom Star, Charu Sareen Gujjal tells us what you need to be mindful of in winters. “My kid is learning to walk these days. Currently I’m in Delhi and since it is cold here, I make them wear socks. Now every time they try to walk/cruise wearing socks they slip and fall, banging their head either on the floor or the object nearby. Sometimes it is fun for them. But most of the time it’s the oops moment followed by incessant crying. So the lesson learnt is – Invest in some anti-skid mats or socks. If your baby still happens to slip or fall (unless they get majorly hurt) act normal, else your child will be hesitant to try next time.” Now that’s some important psychological advice!


A true blue #RedFlag moment was shared by mommy, Raksha S Mansuri. “I have had crazy experiences with my little one who is 3 now. When she was 1.5 years of age and was learning to walk, she swallowed my mom-in-law’s blood pressure pills which had fallen near her bed. My baby started collapsing as I rushed her from home to the hospital in peak traffic hours, carrying her trying to be calm! She was rushed in the OT and they did a stomach wash. I was in the OT holding her with all those pipes around. Worst day of my life! So I would say taking care of sharp edges is fine, but medicines should definitely be kept somewhere out of the baby’s reach! Floors should be kept spic-n-span and all the detergents, soaps and medicines should be locked up”, she narrated. Now that is definitely an important thing to be careful of, once your baby is crawling. Considering toddlers who try and bite into any and every thing, that extra precaution is a must!


Most mothers also identified with the problem of babies tumbling down from the bed. Once babies start crawling, they end up falling from the bed in spite of all the cushions and supports. A couple of our Mom Stars have suggested simple solutions – you can use low lying beds to prevent these falls or swap your beds for a thick mattress and temporarily shift your bedding to the floor.


A fun blooper moment came from another one of our very helpful Mom Blogger Manveen Dua. Here is what she had to say, “So my little one fell into a bowl of chicken curry that my older one had left behind. Needless to say, I was furious at the older one. In a genuine attempt to clean the baby, he set out a bubble bath and warm tub. Sweet na! You know what he made the bubbles with?!! My entire bottle of Kerastase shampoo!! I didn’t know if I should laugh or cry. By the end of it, we all were foam fighting in 2000 bucks worth of bubble bath!!” Hilarious, isn’t it? We can’t help but laugh. It is important though, that you keep your babies far from the dining table to avoid anything dire.


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