Books That Make Your Kids Sensitive Towards Animals, For Real!

Books That Make Your Kids Sensitive Towards Animals, For Real!

1 Dec 2016 | 5 min Read

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Following the recent Twitter trend #ShilpaShettyReviews and the discussion on #BookReviews like – “George Orwell’s Animal Farm being a book that can teach children to love and care for animals” we have decided to bring you some literary sanity!

We at BabyChakra think this is a good time to introduce you parents, to children’s books that sensitise you kids towards animals, for real!

Plus, kids love animals and animal stuff. Be it toys, board games, puzzles or books; if it’s got animals, chances are it will be a hit with your kids.

Precisely why, we get our Mom Star and Children’s Book expert, Shantana Dutta to put together a fun list of animal books that can be a positive influence on your child!

Here is Shantana’s list, in her own words…


Noisy Farm by Rod Campbell) – Published by Macmillan Childrens books

The book starts at daybreak and the kids will enjoy following Sam, the farm dog around the farm. As a, lift the flap book this one introduces your kid to the various animals, their sounds, their babies and their homes around the farm.




Oh Dear! by Rod Campbell – Published by Macmillan Childrens books

Little Buster has to get eggs for his Grandma! The book is sure to be a hit with your little one, who will join Buster as he goes around the farm finding different animals hidden behind the flaps. Does he finally find the eggs? You have to get the book to know that! The book is perfect for around 18 month toddlers.

P.S: Other books from Rod Campbell on farm animals also include Farm chase, Farm 1,2,3 (which is also a great book to introduce counting)



Spot goes to Farm by Eric Hill – Published by Puffin Books

Spot, the little puppy joins daddy on the farm, to look out for baby animals. Along the way he meets lots of farm animals, some not too pleased with him jumping into their space. A sweet book that will introduce various farm animals, their sounds and their little ones to your kids!



Touch and Feel Farm Friends / Touch and Feel Farm Animals – DK Publishers

Touch and feels were the first investments we made in our world of books and definitely very rewarding ones. The different woolly, shiny and fuzzy textures promote a lot of sensory learning apart from identification of animals.

A good age for these books is from 9 months plus to about 28 months.



Farm Hullaballoo – Published by Ladybird


This is a sound book that has detailed pictures of life at a farm. It’s also got labels, which apart from introducing popular animals to your kid, also encourages a lot of picture talk. The book takes you through various activities (like milking, shearing etc) that take place on the farm. The book is a great buy at 10 months and will be wonderful to revisit for quite some time!  


Little Blue truck by Alice Schertle – Published by Houghton Mifflin



Although the set up for this book is not really a farm, the book is a classic and a must have because it not only introduces the little ones to a lot of farm animals and their sounds but is also a great take on kindness and friendship.

The little blue truck slowly goes along the road “Beeping” away to all the animals on the way unlike the big dump truck who is just rushing away, but when there is trouble all the animals join in to help and rescue the little blue truck and the big dump truck!

There is a series of books on the Little blue truck once your little one is hooked to this one. ☺


What the ladybird heard by Julia Donaldson – Published by Macmillan Childrens books

This book takes us into a farm where two robbers plot to steal the fine prize cow and how different animals get together and foil the plot. The book is perfect for kids around 36 months, for them to be able to enjoy the plot thoroughly. But for children younger than that, it’s the colourful pictures, the rhyming text and the animal noises; that make it a delightful read.  


Charlottes Web by E. B White – Orignially published by Harper and Brothers.

The book is set on a farm where a small pig (Wilbur) is born. The runt is too small to survive but a little girl (Fern) decides to go ahead and take care of him. The little pig survives and then is sent to live on a farm where he ends up making friends with Charlotte, a beautiful spider. The little pig then is to be culled for the festive season and it is up to Charlotte who needs to save her friend.

A beautiful book on friendship, kindness and love, it is a perfect book to be read aloud to kids of 3.5 years and onwards!


Happy Reading!


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