Book Review: Oh Say Can You Say What’s The Weather Today?

Book Review: Oh Say Can You Say What’s The Weather Today?

8 Dec 2016 | 2 min Read

Learn All About Weather With The Cat In the Hat!!

If your child has read other books from the ‘The Cat in the Hat’ series, then he or she will love this book too. The plus side is, you too will equally enjoy this book while reading it to your child.



It’s fun, undoubtedly! But, it is also a treasure mine of information. While reading this book, I got some of my weather related facts straight.



Written by Tish Rabe and illustrated by Aristides Ruiz in classic and dramatic Seussian style, the premise of the book is the weather. The Cat (in the book) and other passengers travel by a hot air balloon to various places to experience weather phenomena like rain, snow, thunder, tornadoes and hurricanes. Along the way, they learn about anemometers, thermometers, cloud formations, thunder and lightning, fog and smog. They also learn certain practical aspects of the weather, like how to stay cool in a desert and safe in a thunderstorm!



My daughter loved this book so much that she made me read it over many times. She was fascinated by the way the nature works. Though I got this book from a library, it’s a nice book to add to your book collection.



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