Go Organic The Easy Way

Go Organic The Easy Way

Not just a diet, its a lifestyle!

So is organic only about food? Nothing could be further than the truth.  Organic is a way of living, its a thought process, its about awareness, its about being one with nature.

Though starting with food is the easiest and amongst the first steps to adopting an organic lifestyle, there are other parts of your life too which can do with going organic.

Clothing for example : You can switch to organic clothes which are made of natural fibres. Organically made clothes are not only comfortable in making your skin breathe freely but also free of the harsh effects of chemicals. Organic clothing is also safe for babies as they do not have any side effects on the baby's skin.

Avoid buying meat and dairy products with synthetic hormones in them. Synthetic hormones fed to cattle to speed up their trip to the slaughterhouse have negative effects on your health while hormones injected into cows to boost milk production results in the early onset of puberty in children.

Look for organic certified meat and milk. These are easily available nowadays in most departmental stores. A little effort to find the right meat and milk goes a long way in the welfare of your family's health.

Everyday cleaning products contain a host of chemicals which could harm your family's health. Naturally made cold process soaps and detergents are made without chemicals and have the same effects of cleaning.

Some ingredients like baking soda and vinegar which are freely available in your kitchen are effective cleaning agents. This change will also help in decreased asthma attacks and other breathing difficulties and allergies.

Switch to naturally and organically made personal hygiene products like shampoos, body lotions and face creams. 68 percent of what you put on your skin is absorbed into the body. Make sure whats absorbed are not chemicals.

Artificially scented candles are very harmful for your health. Use candles made of natural wax, natural wicks and natural essential oils always. These do not leave harmful soot and there are a host of benefits to be derived from essential oils.

Use a fuel efficient car. This not only helps saving on petrol and diesel but is also good for the environment as well.

Shop for organic products at local farmer markets. These ensure fresh products, you get products straight from the source rather than middlemen and at unbeatable prices. In addition, you are also encouraging and sustaining farmers who grow products organically. The more the buyers, the more the farmers willing to switch to organic farming which means decrease in prices for end consumers. Its a total win win for everyone.

Lastly why not try growing some herbs and veggies in our own balconies, terraces and compounds? Not only are the joy of eating your own grown products manifold but you are also increasing the green cover besides teaching your kids the joys of sustaining nature and using it to our benefits.

The advantages of going organic are far too many and the efforts required far less. So why not give it a try?

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