What You Need To Know About The Eight Prenatal Visit

What You Need To Know About The Eight Prenatal Visit

It’s finally time dear mom-to-be, to discuss your birth plan! This month’s  visit is all about discussing who can be with you during labour and birth. What goes in your hospital bag and when to head to the hospital. These basic queries can be crucial!

Your doctor will record your weight and blood pressure reading and examine your abdomen for the size and height of the uterus. You will again hear the galloping sound baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. The position of your baby in the uterus will also be noted.

In addition to being in the head down position, your baby will also assume a more anterior position. This means that your baby’s back will be touching the front of your abdomen.

You can expect an ultrasound this month to check your baby’s position, amniotic fluid levels, cervical state, fetal growth and also for any loops or notches in the umbilical cord.

Your doctor will enquire if you have any itching or any foul-smelling discharge from the vaginal area. If required, an internal examination might be done to rule out vaginal infections.

While your doctor will preach and guide you well. Ask detailed questions about what to pack in your hospital  bag and how to recognise signs of early labour. Also make a note of all emergency contact numbers in case you cannot reach your doctor. Never hurts to do your homework and make notes!


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