How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 17

How Your Baby Grows Inside You: Week 17

You have already started glowing in your pregnant glory! You are easily showing now and it’s time to revel in this phase.

Plus, your baby is now about 12 cms and weighs almost 100 grams. In this week, fat begins to form under your baby’s skin and this will continue till your baby is born. Fat is important as it helps in heat production and metabolism. It also makes your baby look cuddly!

Your uterus is now halfway between your navel and the pubic  bone and your baby is bigger than the placenta. The placenta has completely taken over the role of nourishing your baby and your umbilical cord is now your baby’s lifeline.


Signs and Symptoms

Your body’s fluid volumes are now increasing and this makes you feel hot, a lot! Many pregnant women find that they sweat much more than normal around this time. Take frequent showers to feel fresh and wear cotton clothes to feel more comfortable and allow the skin to breathe.

You might find yourself sniffling all the time. This is very common as your nasal passages may feel constantly blocked.

It is also a good time to get an eye checkup done, since pregnancy hormones may increase your vision number by half a point. If you are finding it difficult to read fine print or are experiencing blurry vision, then visit the eye doctor to rule out a number change.


Physical Development

Your bump is growing steadily but you’re still not very heavy yet. Invest in good footwear now as uncomfortable shoes and standing for long hours may hurt your feet. It helps to have padded heels on the soles of your shoes as these will cushion your soles.

Your doctor will schedule an anomaly scan for you soon. This is a detailed ultrasound which examines all your baby’s body parts for any anomalies.

Make sure you take your partner along as it is a great opportunity for you to get a good look of your baby. You may even find your little one kicking or sucking her/his thumb in the scan! An important milestone in your pregnancy!

Most clinics will provide you with pictures as well as a  CD of this scan which you can take home as part of sweet mommy memories.


Emotional Development

Some expecting mums tend to forget that they are pregnant around this time (yes, it happens). This is because most of the annoying pregnancy symptoms completely disappear by this week.

It might happen to you as well. Just gently remind yourself to be careful, walk slowly and double check to ensure that you’re always wearing comfortable walking shoes.


Red Flags

Avoid using talcum powder when you’re sweaty, as this will block your pores and cause skin infections.

Your blocked nasal passages might make you more prone to coughs and colds and you may have disturbed sleep. Drink plenty of fluids to keep your nasal passages well hydrated and use non-medicated saline nose drops to get relief. Using some eucalyptus oil in a heat diffuser by your bedside might help you get a good night’s sleep.


Old Wives’ Tales

People might tell you that travelling by air is not safe during pregnancy. This is only partly true. Passing through airport security or flying by airplane is completely safe during pregnancy.

If you’re doubtful, inform the person at the airline counter about your pregnancy and they will guide you appropriately. However, if you’re a frequent flyer, you need to exercise caution as factors such as radiation, dehydration and air sickness could cause problems for you and your baby. 

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