16 Awesome Life Hacks For Moms That Will Totally Make Your Day

16 Awesome Life Hacks For Moms That Will Totally Make Your Day

18 May 2022 | 3 min Read


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Do you always know why your baby is crying when he does? Probably not. Not always. When he is a toddler, your walls is filled with his graffiti. As he grows older, making him study is like preparing for a war. As a teenager, he throws tantrums difficult for you to manage. Each phase of his life is a memorable yet struggling one. All in a beautiful way.

Here’s to make your daily life easier.

1. Multiply by 2

When you buy utilities make sure you buy two of everything. This saves your time as well as money.

2. Mopping made easy

One crazy viral baby product online these days is the baby mop suit. As your baby crawls on the floor, he also cleans your house. But, make sure you wash it with a good detergent daily.

3. Wall of fame

Dedicate a wall with a whiteboard for each of your kids. Let their weekly schedule and important notes be stuck to the whiteboard. You can also attach a hook with each of their bags. This way it will be easy to glance through each kid’s weekly schedule.

4. Weekly outfit schedule

For all busy mothers, you can buy a small unit to place the clothes for each day of the week for your kids. This way you need not worry about the laundry or solve any confusion to clothe him daily.

5. Save his eyes

Another trending product all over the globe is the baby shower cap. By this product you can wash your baby’s hair making sure the shampoo won’t enter his delicate eyes.

6. Keep them busy when traveling

Buy magnetic board games or some books to keep them busy during their ride. If they behave properly make sure you reward them with their favourite snack. Eg. Finish reading two pages and I will buy you a cookie from the supermarket.

7. The emergency bag

Keep one bag ready at all times with some snacks, water, tissues, cash and a small first aid kit. This can act like the bag you can grab when you are in a hurry and do not have time to pack for.

8. The rubber band trick

You want to teach your child to close the door whenever he uses the washroom but afraid he might lock himself out? No worries. Attach a rubber band as depicted to avoid the door from locking.

9. Wear the right shoe

To make sure your kid learns to use the correct feet in the shoes, cut a sticker in half and stick inside his shoe.

10. Clean with toothpaste

Now you can clean all your child’s artwork on wooden furniture by simply rubbing it with toothpaste.

11. Tablemat

Use infant dinner placement mat to avoid your kid spilling food all over the place.

12. Pool without water

You can use an inflatable pool as a safe play area for your babies.

13. Use a timer

For all working moms, divide your day as time for your baby, networking, work etc. Use a timer for each division.

14. It’s a race

Increase your baby’s competitiveness by racing him to get ready, get out of bed etc. This keeps them busy.

15. Household works

Teach your kid to do the daily chores over the weekend. This will help him become less dependent.

16. Use labels

Use labels around the house so that your kid knows where it belongs.











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