What You Need to Know About The Ninth Prenatal Checkup

What You Need to Know About The Ninth Prenatal Checkup

Well done mom-to-be, you are almost through! You’ve almost reached the end of your pregnancy! In this month therefore, your doctor will want to see you every week.

Like your previous visits, your weight and blood pressure reading will be recorded in your file. Your doctor will examine your abdomen for the size and height of the uterus. You will again hear the familiar sound of your baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler. The position of your baby in the uterus will also be noted.  

This month, your doctor will check your lower abdomen with a bit more force as she/he would want to check if your baby’s head has entered the pelvis.

If the head has entered the pelvis, your doctor will do an internal vaginal exam to check the state of the cervix. This will help him/her ascertain your approximate delivery date.

Your doctor might also brief you on the signs of labour to watch out for. Understand how to recognize warning signs, breaking of the water bag and ask when you should head to the hospital.

A Non Stress Test (NST) will be conducted between week 37-38 to ensure that the oxygen flow to your baby is optimum. This test will be repeated again if you cross your due date.

You can also discuss some natural ways to induce labour during  this visit.

If you have been advised bed rest or limited activity through your pregnancy, from this month, your doctor might allow you to lead a  normal life in most cases.

You will be advised to walk regularly, do your prenatal exercises and practice your breathing techniques  as these help during labour.


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