The Breastfeeding Bible Every New Mom Needs In Her Kitty!

When it comes to breastfeeding, it boils down to two main aspects:

  • Is it effective?
  • Is it comfortable?


Even when the latch and position seem perfect, if the above mentioned criteria are not met, there is a problem!

Even if your feeding position looks nothing like the latch and positioning that you’ve seen in books, it’s fine as long as your baby is transferring milk and gaining weight well. Also if you are not hurting while your baby feeds well, the latch and positioning are good enough.

Latching is the most important part of breastfeeding, if not done right it can be quite painful for the mommy.


Few signs that confirm a good latch:

  • Tongue is seen when the bottom lip is pulled down
  • Ears wiggle
  • There is circular movement of the jaw rather than rapid chin movement
  • Cheeks are rounded
  • You do not hear clicking or smacking noises
  • You can hear swallowing
  • Chin is touching your breast
  • When your baby comes off the breast, the nipple is not flattened or misshaped
  • Any discomfort ends quickly after getting the baby latched on
  • 10. Your baby ends the feeding with signs of satiety/satisfaction. These signs include: the baby looks relaxed, “falls” off the breast, has open hands, and/or falls asleep.

The position in which you hold your baby is key and it becomes easier once you have a good latch.  A good position and latch can ensure a wonderful experience for both, you and your baby and can strengthen your bond with your little one.


Here are a few videos on latching/positioning to help you get it right…

Which Breastfeeding Position is Best?‬ by My Ameda


This is a basic video that shows different breastfeeding positions and explains which of them is ideal.



How To Breastfeed - Deep Latch Technique‬‬ by The Breastfeeding Guide for Mothers

This video on latching techniques is another detailed guide that can come handy to new moms. Apart from being informative, the video also helps you ace the correct feeding posture with live demonstrations.  



Latch-On and Breastfeeding Instructional Video by Lansinoh‬‬ for Momandbabyshop

This is a simple, 5-minute, easy to follow video that combines instructions and demonstrates basic breast feeding techniques. The video serves the mothers who are feeding for the first time!



How to Get a Good Breastfeeding Latch ‬by Parents‬ Magazine

This video by Parents Magazine addresses the difficulties mothers face during breastfeeding and teaches the best ways to latch and breastfeed the baby comfortably.


Breastfeeding Positions for Newborns by Cloud Mom

This one encourages mothers to try out different techniques and positions like the football hold (ideal for twins) and the cradle hold to find the one that suits them best.



Improving Latch By Improving Positioning: Introduction and Laid Back Breastfeeding by Jessica Barton

This is the first in a series of videos on effective positioning and latching by Some of the other positions covered in this series are koala position, side lying, cradle etc.



Deep Latch Technique for Pain-Free Breastfeeding‬‬ by ‬Wagonbird

Very often, women experience pain and discomfort during breastfeeding, which can be harmful. This video explains the deep latch technique to ensure that both the mother and baby are comfortable while feeding.



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