5 Important Take-Aways For Moms of Twins

5 Important Take-Aways For Moms of Twins

The news of pregnancy brings as much joy or probably double the joy for an expecting mom. But at the same time, knowing that you’re expecting twins can leave you in a web of emotions. All I could say to my doctor when she showed me two tiny sacs in my ultrasound was, ‘OK’. That blank ‘OK’ though, was a tornado of emotions shock, fear, excitement, joy, doubts, and many more! ‘What is the risk involved’, I probed, ‘Nothing’, she replied. If only I could fathom that ‘Nothing’ means ‘Everything’ and that life will never be the same again!

My feelings were validated when I got a chance to interact with many awesome moms of twins on BabyChakra. Each story was unique but there was a resonance! Therein, I realized that this anecdote deserves to be documented!


Based on my experience and that of fellow twin moms, I am penning some unheard and interesting facts about twin pregnancy.

BONDING INSIDE THE WOMB: Twin pregnancy comes along with its fair share of hospital visits and scans. It can be exhilarating for the most part. The sight of my babies holding hands inside me was a tear jerker for sure but on many other occasions, I was barely dragging myself!


 TWO IS NOT JUST A NUMBER: One of the major prerequisites to the twofold reward is a considerable amount of bedrest that is mandated. The best way to enjoy this period of repose is by watching your favorite sitcoms, connecting with old pals and making a few new through mom communities like BabyChakra. It was because of such support groups that I could easily share my pregnancy woes, seek some good tips from other moms of twins and dig deep into terms like 'cervical cerclage' and 'steroid cover' which benefitted me immensely.


'EMOTIONAL REFLUX' IS AS COMMON AS ACID REFLUX: Apart from a colossal belly and the associated physical discomfort, the emotional upsurge is often doubled too! Handling the pressure of two crying babies, being fair and just to both, managing the enormous expenses are some of the things that are bound to give you sleepless nights. Having candid conversations with the expecting Dad, family and friends, chalking out responsibilities is a great way of feeling at ease. Books on multiple pregnancy also helped me understand what my future entails and how best to deal with it.


TWINS LOVE TO SURPRISE THEIR PARENTS: While 40 weeks is considered as full term for singletons, in case of twins, the struggle for space cuts it short to 37 weeks. Calculating due dates never helps as you may need to pack your hospital bag way in advance! Natural deliveries with twins may seem like an uphill task, but is a distinct possibility if given right the medical support.


BREASTFEEDING TWINS IS CHALLENGING, NOT IMPOSSIBLE: Breastfeeding twins is a different ballgame altogether! Prior information about different nursing positions, tandem feeding, pumping milk, babywearing and such, are a must-have help one keep calm and tide through this beautiful journey! Joining breastfeeding support groups and visiting lactation consultants both before and after childbirth can make this seemingly impossible task, very much possible.


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