Excerpts of Live Chat With Riddhi Kataria on Wellness During Pregnancy

Excerpts of Live Chat With Riddhi Kataria on Wellness During Pregnancy

Intro: Physiotherapist and Childbirth Educator, Riddhi Kataria interacted with moms and put to rest any fears they had regarding the various issues they faced during pregnancy.


Q. What is the best time to go to the hospital when start experiencing labour pain?

The best time to go to the hospital is if you’re experiencing any one of these reasons - 1) when your pains have formed a pattern and are coming every 30-45 minutes and lasting atleast for a minute. 2) When you experience bleeding or vaginal discharge which is brown in colour. 3) When you experience less kicks or soft kicks, however if you feel under confident of yourself to manage yourself at home you can go to the hospital.


Q. I'm 30 weeks pregnant. Is it safe ride a two wheeler for short distances?

It is best to avoid two wheelers in during the third trimester. Walking is the best mode of transport for short distances.


Q. I am 38 weeks pregnant and suffer from some pain but I have no any discharge in large quantities what should I do? I also feel some heaviness in my lower stomach. My gynecologist has done three or four internal finger tests. Is it safe or not??

If this pain is around the back or vagina or lower bump, it is normal to experience such pains due to the pressure and position of the baby's head. The heaviness in the lower stomach could also be because of the same reason. Having some discharge which is thick and white is normal. However if it is watery, transparent and any other colour than white, its best to get it checked. It is okay to be examined by the gynecologist. She/he is helping you figure out how far you are from labour by examining the cervix (mouth of the uterus) and the baby's head position.

Whenever you experience discomfort or pains in the back, vagina and lower bump, walk around to comfort yourself and your baby. If the pain settles you can get back to your routine, if the pain forms a pattern or remains the same or increases, go to the doctor.


Q. My OS is closed and head is on - 1 position. Based on this could you tell me when I deliver my baby?

Labour starts when the baby, uterus and the body are prepared for the final marathon. Just by the baby's head position and status of the cervix, we cannot predict when the baby will be delivered. Be alert on your signs of heaviness or pain in the vagina, keep a check on the kicks and your baby will give you the signal before you go into labour.

I live on the second floor and every day I go up and down the stairs. Is it safe? It's unavoidably but I want to know that it does not cause any harm to me and my baby

Climbing stairs is a good exercise during pregnancy. It is safe to do it unless it makes you breathless. If you feel breathless, while climbing stairs, breathe out through the mouth (like you would blow a candle on your birthday) and rest for 15-20 secs before you continue doing it.


Q. How and when do we know that the baby is engaged?

The signs are usually heaviness or pain in the back or vagina throughout or most of the times in the day, nausea and vomiting, frequent back aches, mood swings, pain or pulling sensation in the vagina, menstrual like cramps in the stomach.


Q. Can a family planning operation be conducted after delivery?

Yes. Family planning can be discussed with your gynecologist after the 36th week of pregnancy and at a suitable time can be done after birth process.


Q. I am in the 36th week of pregnancy. Can you suggest any remedies for swollen feet?

Swollen feet after 36th week can be due to disturbed circulation in the leg muscles owing to the pressure of the baby s head. A few remedies to deal with swollen feet are - 1) Sleep or sit with your feet raised above your heart with pillows under the feet. 2) Avoid long sitting or standing postures. 3) Increase your fluid intake and at the same time check on your salt intake. 4) You can also apply cold cabbage leaves on your feet and cover it with muslin cloth till you feel the heat of the ice. 5) Routinely, you can also soak your feet in lukewarm water with black salt.


Q. As per my 5th month scan I had low placenta. Doctor has asked me to wait till 7th month scan. So if there are no changes does that mean normal delivery would not be possible??

Having a low lying placenta in the 5th month is okay. As your baby grows and you progress in you pregnancy, the placenta also may move into the correct or the higher position. To help your placenta move into the correct position, make sure you avoid bending forward postures, eat healthy food and reduce stress levels. Regarding normal delivery, unless labour starts, no one can predict if you will go into normal delivery or not. Don’t stress about labor right now because things can change till the 39th week of pregnancy.


Q. Is it true that after a C-section the chances of normal delivery the second time reduces?

Chances of normal delivery do not reduce after the first C-section. Every pregnancy is unique and hence every birth process will depend on how the pregnancy shapes in the 9 months.


Q. I am 25 weeks pregnant can I start with some exercise?

It is best to start exercising in pregnancy after the 14th week of pregnancy. If you have experienced spotting or bleeding in the first three months, it is advised to start exercising after the anomaly scan in the 20th week. However, before you start exercising please ask your doctor. It is recommended to exercise thrice a week in second trimester and 5 times a week in third trimester which does not include Walking.




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