How to Ensure Your Baby’s Skin Care Products Are Truly Safe?

How to Ensure Your Baby’s Skin Care Products Are Truly Safe?

11 Jan 2017 | 5 min Read

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In a market as commercial as ours, which is swamped with all kinds of skin care products; it is not simple to find baby skin care products that guarantee 100% safety! While the markets are flooded with commercial baby products; natural and organic baby products are still considered a premium in India.

It is important then, that you are able to differentiate between cosmetic products and natural products that are safe. And while a lot of brands will claim that they are organic, you must ensure that it is so! Precisely why, we have put together a quick guide to help you ensure your baby products are truly safe. Here is how…


Check the label for


While many products claim that they are organic, you can’t always rely on them. You must therefore, check for an external independent body seal to certify them as safe. MadeSafe.Org is one way to do just that.   


Simple label check for ingredients

The most crucial thing about choosing a skin product for your baby is developing the art of label reading and when checking the label, you must look for the following…

  • Harmful chemical ingredients to avoid
  • Beneficial chemical ingredients you want
  • How to locate the concealed harmful elements


Checking the product labels for harmful ingredients is a must and here is how you do it. For example, to avoid Sulfate you can just look at the list of ingredients and you will probably find it at the top of the label. But to check if a baby product has Parabens can be tricky! Parabens are not really spelled out on the ingredient list. So you should look for the likes of butylparaben, propylparaben, methylparaben and alkyl parahydroxy benzoates to avoid Paraben based products.


Ingredients you must avoid and why

Chemical ingredients like Sulfate, Parabens and Phthalates are an absolute no, when it comes to baby skin products!

SLES (Sodium laureth sulfate) can dry your baby’s hair by stripping it off its natural oils and can cause issues like skin irritation, dry and itchy scalp which can lead to cradle cap and eczema

Parabens on the other hand are a group of chemicals that are used as preservatives in skin care products which makes them hard to avoid. However, Parabens are neurotoxins and have been linked to endocrine disruption, which can cause reproductive problems as well as allergies, asthma, hair loss, dry hair and itchy scalp.

This might sound tough to believe but Mineral oil is a cheap by-product of petroleum processing and is nothing short of a plastic wrap on the skin. Some baby oils are a horrid combination of this mineral oil and fragrance.

Phthalates are made a part of personal care items to make them more absorbable and to help the fragrances last. This makes Phthalates and other synthetic fragrances a harmful element that you must avoid. To say the least, these can lead to disorders like asthma, neurological issues, skin problems, respiratory disorders and eye damage too.

These harmful elements are usually made part of baby shampoos and baby lotions, so make sure you pick products that refrain from these.


Ingredients to look for

Shea butter, Argan oil, colloidal oats (oat milk), gentle surfactant made of coconut and sugar, herbal extracts like Rosemary, chamomile and lavender, and other organic botanicals are the power ingredients that you should look for in your baby’s skin care products.

Packed with the goodness of vitamins and minerals, that nourish baby skin and hair, organic products made with natural preservatives are best for your baby’s skin safety.


Brands that meet the above parameters

Here is listing a few brands that are popular world over for their organic stance when it comes to your baby’s skin care safety.

Image Source: BeHealthyBeMore


Honest Company

Coming from the thought process of aiming to reduce the ubiquitous presence of toxic chemicals in our natural environment, man-made environments and our personal environments; Honest Company by Jessica Alba is one globally popular, organic baby skin care brand that you can try out.


Image Source:



As a natural and organic baby essentials brand, developed and tested by doctors, Puracy products bring your baby the goodness of plants and natural minerals both! Making a promise to provide skin care that is safe for your baby and the environment, the brand offers a luxe organic skin care range that deserves a shot.



Powered by a host of doctors, scientists, dermatologists and most importantly their panel of mums, Mamaearth pretty much covers every aspect of baby skin care. Their strict, no toxin policy is a policy that you mothers can certainly relate to and their range of baby skin care products is certainly something you mothers can trust your babies with.


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